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Bully4u: Introduction
The game called Bully4u should not be confused with a similarly named anti-bullying organization. Instead, Bully4u, which is officially known as Bully4u Pull Tab Game, is a trademark of the Berkshire-based Realistic Games Limited. The branding used in Bully4u reminds a player of archery. Realistic Games has listed it as an Instant Win-Pull Tab game in terms of game type. The earliest version of Bully4u was originally released on February 3, 2012, but a newer version was later on released on August 10, 2017 after widespread adoption of a new technology. A video slots game, Bully4u has three reels and five win lines.

Generally, players can bet amounts that range between $0.25 and $50.00, but there is a version wherein players can bet even $100.00. First, a player sets their bets using the up and down icons, which are on both the right and left sides of the ‘total bet’. Thereafter, a player clicks the Start icon and a set of nine reels (three columns and three rows of reels) start spinning. The payouts of Bully4u are between X3 and X100 for any three similar symbols. However, X500 is the highest possible payout if 7 appears amid three winning symbols as it stimulates all (five) win lines.

Bully4u: Game Review
Bully4u uses the trendy HTML5 technology. It can support Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers, and 17 languages. In general, the winning features are represented by six fruit symbols and three non-fruit symbols. The following are the fruit symbols and their respective payouts. Among the fruits, watermelons have the highest payout, which is X30; the purple cherries have X10; the oranges offer X5, the red grapes offer X3, the lemons represent X3, and the blueberries give X5.
Among the non-fruit symbols, the 7’s have the biggest payout, which is X100; the Bars are second, offering X40; and the golden bells offer X20. Except the watermelons which are halved, the fruit and non-fruits symbols are merged pairs and all occur in threes.

The navigation panel is divided into four parts. The first part, which is a strip along the top margin, has an interface that comprises of “Back”, “Help”, sound (off and on), “Deposit”, “Bank” and “Balance” icons. The second and third parts have the “Start” buttons, which are on both the left and right margins. The fourth part, which is located at the bottom of the interface, is fitted with the “Info” (concerning the pay table), “Settings” (it is a virtual spanner), up and down icons for adjusting the total bet, and the “Auto Play” icon and its respective “Start” icon.

The graphics show a realistic target of the archery. Players can automate the spins (10 to 100 spins), and can opt to deactivate the automation after using a specific amount of credits. The bonus game round makes up for the absence of scatter and wild features.

There are disadvantages. First, Bully4u doesn’t have a progressive jackpot. Secondly, an enthusiast archer might wrongly think that Bully4u is a faithful virtual variant of the actual archery. Unfortunately, any correlation to archery is limited to branding. Third, the developer has used similar symbols in other games such as Win Sprint. Lastly, players should be wary of software problems lest all their winnings be nullified.

Bully4u: Strategy
Bully4u has RTP rate of 95.20%, but it is a high volatility game. Unlike in the real archery, there are no special skills or strategies required in Bully4u.

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