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What Is A Payline?

A payline (or simply “line”) is the line from left to right of a slot machine’s reels in which you get paid on. This line can be a simple horizontal line across the screen or it can be a zig-zag on more advanced video slots.

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As an example, a classic slot machine will often have a single payline in the center. Your goal will be to land a winning combination on that payline. If you are successful, you will receive a prize (which can come in the form of cash or a special feature such as free spins). Scatter symbols most often are paid out independent of paylines and can land anywhere on the reels to pay out.

Most multi-line slot machines will give you the option of selecting the number of paylines you wish to play. The main exception to this rule is progressive jackpot slots. If a winning combination falls on a payline you do not select, you will not receive a prize for that win. Casino Answers recommends that slots players play all paylines on slot machines in order to reap the rewards of all potential wins. Also, oftentimes a slot game will offer special features to play all of the lines on the slot.

Payline denominations tend to come in fairly regular numbers such as 1, 3, 5, 9, 15, 20, 25, 50 and 100. However, you can find odd-numbered payline slots at casinos like Slotland Casino, Win A Day Casino and Bovada.

Simple 1-line classic slot machines are found all over the place at online casinos. The most number of paylines that you can find on a slot game is 100. If you’re looking to pay a 100-line video slot, you can find quite a few such as Lion’s Pride at Microgaming online casinos like Bovada.

Not all slot machines use paylines. There are popular video slots called “all ways” or “all pays” video slots that pay out no matter where on the reel the symbol falls. To find out more about this type of video slot, please read our list of all ways slots.

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    Additional Payline Questions:

    Where can I play some simple but solid single line classic slots?

    If you’re just getting your feet wet in the world of online slots, you might be best served to start with a 1-line (or single-line) slot machine (the type you are used to seeing at most land-based casinos). For a great selection of classic slot games, please visit Bovada.

    What happens if I hit a jackpot on a line I’m not playing?

    If you finally get that long awaited jackpot win on a slot machine, but you’re only playing 3 lines instead of 9, you are out of luck. Next time, you might want to play all 9 lines and then you won’t miss any wins! You may even want to lower your bet per line to compensate for the increased total bet.

    How do I Know What the paylines are?

    Well it depends on the slot machine. However the paylines are usually listed on the left. When you click to add a payline(what you click depends on the actual slot machine) then the light will light up – this will indicate what the actual “line” is, and where you need the symbols for that line.

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