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Cops N Robbers: Millionaires Row Slot

Although inspired by a similarly titled 1985 maze game from Atlantis Software, Play’n GO is the original developer of Cops N Robbers slot game; it first appeared in 2013 and is a rival game to Playtech’s 2012 slot named Cops N’ Bandits. Play’n GO has a new edition of the game and several game developers have since repackaged the original game, including Cops N Robbers: Millionaires Row from Novomatic Interactive.

Cops N Robbers: Millionaires Row is all about police officers closing in on runaway robbers whose loot run into millions. Winning in Cops N Robbers: Millionaires Row requires the players’ spins to result in two, three, four, or five matching symbols in the preselected pay lines.

Game Characteristics of Cops N Robbers: Millionaires Row
The medium-volatility Cops N Robbers: Millionaires Row casino game’s eleven symbols spin in a 5X3 grid. The symbols are: a vault containing gold bars, a Plymouth Cambridge chase car with red flashers on, a golden gunny sack, a pink diamond pouch, a jewelry box, a circular picture frame, a golden necklace chain watch, a no-nonsense cop with a baton, a jailed robber, a robber’s mug shot height chart, and handcuffs atop a copy of fingerprints.

The vault, a regular and wild/substitute symbol, alongside the free spins-triggering chase car precede the user interface—accessed via “Continue”. After decreasing or increasing coin values, coins, and lines accordingly, players click the green-and-white icon to spin. Coins can be between one and five. Other choices are located between the $0.01 and $2.00 lowest and highest coin values namely $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.25, $0.50, and $1.00. The nine Cops N Robbers: Millionaires Row pay lines can either show horizontally on the grid, or appear patterned like upright and inverted V’s or U’s, or like a [reflected] Z.

Cops N Robbers: Millionaires Row has numbered bet sizes (calculated as coins X line number), whereby bet 1 (one coin on line 1) has $0.01 minimum bet while bet 45 (all five coins on all nine lines) has $90.00 maximum bet. The respective Cops N Robbers: Millionaires Row payouts for two, three, four, and five matching symbols are these ones. The Vault Wild pays X3, X30, X300, and X3000. The police chase car pays X2, X3, X25, and X250. A golden gunny bag offers X2, X25, X150, and X750. A pink diamond pouch offers X2, X20, X100, and X500. A jewelry box offers X2, X15, X75, and X500.

The Cops N Robbers: Millionaires Row symbols that require three, four, and five matches have these payouts: the picture frame pays X15, X75, and X250; the necklace chain watch pays X10, X75, and X250; the cop and the jailed robber pay X5, X50, and X150; and the mug shot height chart alongside handcuffs-and-fingerprints offer X5, X25, and X100.

The free spins that stop only when the robber is busted, and a 2X winnings multiplier for successfully and timely escaping the police dragnet by occasionally changing routes, the Car Chase side game, which is triggered by 3+ chase cars, can boost regular winnings considerably. The Cops N Robbers: Millionaires Row’s progressive jackpot is capped at 1,303,235 coins.

The rearview mirror-like screen atop the interface shows a typical police chase scene, where the Cops N Robbers: Millionaires Row’s otherwise complex software lets players use simple commands, like left and right arrows, for selecting directions to circumvent roadblocks. The spot on graphics include the opening/closing vault, gloved busy robbers, and the old penitentiary with perimeter fencing is relatable. The gunshots, distantly siren and honking car, the flashers, and chinking coins sound effects are good.

Luck in Cops N Robbers: Millionaires Row
A game of luck, Cops N Robbers: Millionaires Row’s RTP rate and house edge are 96.46% and 3.54%, respectively.

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