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Double Wammy Slot

Old school slot enthusiasts will fall head over heels for Double Wammy. By the same token, progressive-minded players will no doubt find the packaging relatable. Double Wammy, which originally appeared in May 2002 and is retro-themed, is among the twenty best slot games from Microgaming Software Systems. The slot game’s name, “Double Wammy”, is based on its similarly named ticket whose matched up set has the highest payout. Double Wammy players win whenever certain symbols show up alone, or paired, or in a triad.

Double Wammy’s High Payouts Make up for Lackluster Bet Placement Features
Just like its twin slot game called Spectacular Wheel of Wealth, Double Wammy has three reels and a lone pay line. These are the major symbols used in Double Wammy. First, there are bunches of red cherries which trigger payouts if they appear as either a lone bunch, or paired bunches, or three bunches on the pay line.

Second, there are possible winning combinations represented by four sets of differently colored “BAR” symbols. The white double “Any BAR” symbol on the payout chart means that a set of any three “BAR” signs can trigger the payout. The other winning sets are a blue single “BAR”, a pink double “BAR”, and a yellow triple “BAR”. Lastly, a set of either “777” or three matching diamond-encrusted “Double Wammy” tickets on the pay line is also a gateway to payout.

To play Double Wammy, simply choose either 1st coin, or 2nd coin, or 3rd coin, and then hit “Spin”. The 1st coin has $0.25 minimum bet and $5 maximum bet; the 2nd coin requires $0.50 minimum and $10 maximum bets; and the 3rd coin has $0.75 minimum and $15 maximum bets. Use the “+” and “–” to decrease or increase bets accordingly.

Matched symbols in Double Wammy have these payouts for 1st coin, 2nd coin and 3rd coin, respectively and based on rank. A lone bunch of red cherries offers X2, X4, X6; two bunches of red cherries offer X5, X10, and X15; matchups of “BAR” signs give X5, X10, X15; both single “BAR” and three bunches of red cherries have X10, X20, and X30; double “BAR” has X25, X50, and X75; triple “BAR” has X40, X80, and X120; “777” gives X80, X160, X240; and a triad of “Double Wammy” tickets offer X800, X1600, and X2500. These payouts can increase twofold or fourfold if a multiplier (the Double Wammy wild symbol) comes up once or twice on a winning line.

Double Wammy has vintage sound and graphics; and a convenient user interface that boasts of every feature within sight, ranging from the auto splay to on/off sound to expert/regular modes.

Use Two or Three Coins
The return to player rate of Double Wammy is 96.2%, while the house edge of this game is 3.8%. Think about discrete uniform distribution; there is an equal chance of witnessing winning combinations with one coin, two coin and three coins. Although luck has the final say, staking two or three coins (instead of one coin) will give a player an added advantage when the stars align.

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