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Lightning Horseman Slot

Lightning Horseman is among Lightning Box Games’ video slots. Lightning Horseman first appeared on July 25, 2018, but it was officially released for the mass market on August 8, 2018. Lightning Horseman is the first game in Lightning Box Games’ so-called Lightning series whose second game is named Lightning Leopard (2019). The Lightning Horseman’s rival games include Horsemen from Bally Wulff, The Haunted Horseman from High 5 Games, and Jack O’Lantern vs The Headless Horseman from Red Rake Gaming.

The name Lightning Horseman remarks about Lightning Box Games’ slot game adaptation of the popular Headless Horseman myth. Originating during or way before Medieval Europe, the Headless Horseman has since been adapted by the Americans, Irish, Germans, Indians, and Scottish; the horseman is variously depicted as a brave soldier killed in action, or a demon that precedes death. Comparatively, Lightning Horseman largely befits the American version, dated to a 1770s battle, as the accompanying skull pumpkin symbolizes the soldier’s chopped off head that he carries along with him.

The game play requires the Lightning Horseman players to match two, three, four, and five regular symbols; and between two and thirteen special symbols.

Lightning Horseman Game Characteristics
Lightning Horseman has 40 fixed pay lines. The following are the eleven Lightning Horseman symbols—nine regular and two special. The special symbols are: a headless American Revolutionary War-era trooper riding an ashen horse, wielding a sword and carrying a skull pumpkin with a moon in the background; and a yellow “Scatter” lightning bolt.

The regular symbols are: a treasure box full of golden coins; Katrina Van Tassel, the rich farmer’s daughter who has two competing suitors; Ichabod Crane (holding a lamp), the teacher wooing Katrina and he is surprised after seeing the headless horseman’s ghost; an eagle; a crude shelter; a purple A with a skull; a red K with a skull; a golden Q with a ribcage; and a blue J with crossbones.

After pressing “Yes” or “No” to play with(out) sounds, there is a notification about the flipping lightning bolts that also activate re-spins. On the interface, fitted with a 5X3 grid, players use the slider (represented by the white stacked coins beside the start icon in mobile devices; also accessed via the settings cog) to set these coin values: $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.04, $0.05, $0.10, $0.15, $0.20, $0.25, $0.50, $0.75, $1.00, and $1.25. The Lightning Horseman bet sizes are: $0.40 (minimum), $0.80, $1.20, $1.60, $2.00, $4.00, $6.00, $8.00, $10.00, $20.00, $30.00, $40.00, and $50.00 (maximum).

The Lightning Horseman payouts for two, three, four, and five symbols: the ghostly horseman (also Wild/substituting) pays X5, X50, X450, and X600; the treasure box pays X2, X40, X 150, and X300; and Katrina has X2, X30, X140, and X250.

Three, four, and five symbols have these payouts. Ichabod Crane pays X20, X130, and X150. The eagle or the crude shelter pays X10, X100, and X130. An A or a K pays X5, X15, and X40. A J or a Q offers X5, X10, and X20. Between six and thirteen yellow lightning bolts offer at least three respins, during which 15 bolts can appear, thereby prompting the whole grid to flip over (called Flippin Retrigger).

There are four types of Lightning Horseman non-progressive jackpots: grand, major, minor, and mini—the jackpot amounts are dynamic and depend with the bet size. Therefore, these are the potential maximum jackpots based on the $50.00 maximum bet. The mini has $125.00, the minor has $1250.00, the major has $6250.00, and the grand jackpot is $62500.00.

The Lightning Horseman software is good and the tension sound effects fit in with the animated HD graphics (especially the rearing horse) that relatably illustrate the Gothic fiction narrated by Washington Irvin.

Luck in Lightning Horseman
A game of chance, Lightning Horseman’s RTP rate is 95.52% while the house edge is 4.46%.

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