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Chili Gold 2 Stellar Jackpots Slot

Chili Gold 2 Stellar Jackpots (May 2016) is a Lightning Box Games’ chili pod-inspired casino game with a Mexican setting. Alternatively called Stellar Jackpots with Chili Gold X2, it is a relatively newer edition of Chili Gold (2012) and among the slot games in the serialized Stellar Jackpots; the series consists of Dolphin Gold Stellar Jackpots (2017), Stellar Jackpots with Silver Lion, Stellar Jackpots with Serengeti Lions, and Stellar Jackpots with More Monkeys (2016). Some rival games: Pragmatic Play’s Chili Heat, Pariplay’s Red Hot Chili, and Pragmatic Play’s Red Chili. A golden chili pod among its symbols influenced the naming. The players aim for two, three, four, or five combinations.

Chili Gold 2 Stellar Jackpots Game Characteristics
Chili Gold 2 Stellar Jackpots has a 5X4 grid. The coin values are multiplied by 48 coins instead of the 40 fixed pay lines. Its two special symbols are: a red “Wild Bonus” (scatter) chili pod (named Red Chili); and a free games-triggering “Wild” golden chili pod (named Gold Chili). These two are both substituting and winnings-doubling symbols.

The ten ordinary symbols are: a Mexican male in a sombrero showing a red chili pod; a grinning purple donkey; a blue-and-yellow parrot; two colorful rumba shakers (maracas); a yellow guitar draped with a colorful scarf; a blue K; a purple Q; a green J; and a golden-yellow 9, and a golden-brown 10.

The Chili Gold 2 Stellar Jackpots credit values: $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.04, $0.05, $0.10, $0.15, $0.20, $0.25, $0.50, $0.75, $1.00, and $1.25. Unlike the Chili Gold version, this game lacks bet multipliers, although it does have between 5 and 100 optional autoplay spins. The Chili Gold 2 Stellar Jackpots bet sizes are: $0.48 (minimum), $0.96, $1.44, $1.92, $2.40, $4.80, $7.20, $9.60, $12.00, $24.00, $36.00, $48.00, and $60.00 (maximum).

The Chili Gold 2 Stellar Jackpots payouts are indicated below. Two, three, four, and five Mexican male symbols offer: X5, X30, X125, and X500; if accompanied by either the Red Chili or Gold Chili, the payouts are X10, X60, X250, and X1000.

These are payouts for three, four, and five symbols, respectively. A standalone donkey pays X25, X60, and X125; when accompanied by Red Chili or Gold Chili, the payout is X50, X120, and X250. A standalone parrot pays X15, X50, and X100; this increases to X30, X100, and X200 when accompanied by Red Chili or Gold Chili.

A standalone pair of rumba shakers or guitar pays X10, X20, and X75; with Red Chili or Gold Chili, the payouts X20, X40, and X150. A standalone K or Q or J pays X5, X10, and X50; together with Red Chili or Gold Chili, the payout is X10, X20, and X100. A standalone 10 or 9 offers X5, X10, and X25; and, with Red/Gold chili, pays X10, X20, and X50.

Finally, the Red Chili: six matches offer three free games, seven combinations offer six free games, eight matches offer nine free games, nine combinations give twelve free games, ten combinations offer 15 free games, eleven combinations give 18 free games, and twelve combinations offer 21 free games.

Unlocked progressively via a series of challenge levels, Chili Gold 2 Stellar Jackpots’ three bet size-based jackpots (mini, minor, and major) are represented by differently colored geometric shapes. On betting the $60.00 maximum bet, the players can win: $400.00 mini jackpot, or $2,000.00 minor jackpot, or $50,000.00 major jackpot.

The Chili Gold 2 Stellar Jackpots software is good. The Mexican rumba soundtracks are enjoyable. The flowering cactuses on both sides of the grid and the animated cartoons are decorative.

Luck in Chili Gold 2 Stellar Jackpots
Chili Gold 2 Stellar Jackpots is a game of chance whose RTP rate is 96.32% and the house edge is 3.68%.

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