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Snake Rattle N’ Roll Slot

Snake Rattle N’ Roll, a trademark of Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions, is a slot game that was released around February 2017. Greentube’s other partly snake-inspired slot game is called Pharaoh’s Tomb. Snake Rattle N’ Roll is based on a similarly named 1990 platform game, which was originally created by Rare Limited.

The misarranged words “snake rattle” refer to the poisonous snake called rattlesnake whose image is among the game’s symbols; dice rolls are also involved. Snake Rattle N’ Roll players should match three, four, or five symbols, or choose between red and black in the Gamble round.

Snake Rattle N’ Roll Game Characteristics
From the volatility perspective, Snake Rattle N’ Roll has a 2/5 rating from the developer who chose a 5X3 grid for its reels and rows. Snake Rattle N’ Roll pay table symbols are: a red rattlesnake with a light blue snout, the “Snake Rattle & Roll” brand logo, an orange-colored 10, red A, blue K, green J, pink Q, and red-and-white dices.

On the Snake Rattle N’ Roll interface, players only set the “bet/line” using the +/- beside “total bet”, or click at the center of “total bet” to enable a pop-up with bet sizes spread out. Then, they press the green “Start” icon below the snake charmer.

There are sixteen total bet options namely $0.20, $0.40, $0.60, $0.80, $1.00, $1.60, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $6.00, $8.00, $10.00, $16.00, $20.00, $30.00, and $40.00. So, its minimum bet is $0.20; the maximum bet is $40.00 for the regular game, and $20,000 maximum bet for the Gamble side game. The twenty lines are permanent, but the adjacent bet per line section—it is between $0.01 and $2.00—updates progressively.

Using the $50.00 regular maximum bet as a benchmark, the following are the Snake Rattle N’ Roll payouts. Three, four, and five rattlesnakes offer $32, $56, and $120. Three, four, and five “Snake Rattle & Roll” logos offer $32, $56, and $80. Either three K’s or three A’s pay $24, $40, and $56. Three 10’s, or three J’s, or three Q’s pay $16, $24, and $40. Three dices, four dices, and five dices offer three dice rolls, four dice rolls, and five dice rolls. Gathering baskets offers free spins and the pungi tunes trigger wilds.

Of course, the best parts are: the so-called “big win”, which is all about numerous symbols that match at the same time on the reels; and the “gamble” feature, where the regular winnings can be increased tremendously, or lost at a go, if the player (in)accurately guesses if a black card or red color card is the one coming up.

Snake Rattle N’ Roll has a progressive jackpot, showed in the counter at the top right of the interface. The Snake Rattle N’ Roll software is good and it’s graphics are interesting, especially the somersaulting monkey during dice rolls, the anxious turbaned snake charmer, and the rattlesnake showing its snout expectedly. The Snake Rattle N’ Roll sounds are not only nice to listen to, especially the expertly blown flute-like pungi; but also funny, like the snoring snake charmer who farts suddenly, then looks around to see if he has been heard by anyone.

Luck in Snake Rattle N’ Roll
A luck-based game, Snake Rattle N’ Roll’s RTP rate is 95.04%, while the house edge is 4.96%.

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