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Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 Slot

Since its release in November 2018, Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 has proved to be among Greentube’s most well-received online games; in fact, it is featured in the parent company Novomatic Interactive’s Impera Line—this is a HD edition platform consisting of the developer’s top 50 bestselling games—alongside its twin slot called Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 6. Although the first installment of Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe series was released in 2010, the idea was initially conceived in 2003.

The brand logo comprises of an artistic impression of a golden brown-haired fairy ordinarily called “Lucky Lady” that is the inspiration behind the name “Lucky Lady’s Charm”; while “Deluxe 10” is the serial number. Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 players match two, three, or four symbols.

Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 Game Characteristics
Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10, which has 5/5 volatility rating from Novomatic, has two sets of reels—a 5X4 grid on the left and a 5X12 grid on the right. Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 boasts of 100 pay lines and twelve symbols namely a four-leaf clover, golden coin, a silvery horseshoe, purple A, orange K, blue J, yellow Q, pink 10, Lucky Lady’s head, glistening crystal ball, an elongated symbol of a ladybird in a flower field, and an elongated symbol of a stringed white rabbit foot set amid glistering leaves.

On the Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 interface, players set the total bet by using the plus or minus, or by clicking the middle of the “total bet” icon and then selecting from a small pop-up showing a choice of sixteen total bets; these can be $0.20, $0.40, $0.60, $0.80, $1.00, $1.60, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $6.00, $8.00, $10.00, $16.00, $20.00, $30.00, and $40.00. Players then press the flickering “start” icon. Winnings can either be collected or risked with the aim of doubling or getting nothing in the gamble feature where players predict if a card is red or black.

Collectively, the 100 crisscrossing and multicolored fixed pay lines that appear on the two grids when setting the total bet seem like two high-rise structures made of haphazardly drawn lines, but one look at the individual lines in the menu shows: pay lines that are either horizontal; or lines that are shaped like V, W, trapezoid gully, and V gully, and their equivalent inverted shapes.

Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 allows $0.20 minimum total bet and $40.00 maximum total bet. The Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 payouts depend with the total bet, whereby, for instance, the $40.00 maximum total bet has these payouts for three, four, and five matching symbols. Matching up either a clover leaf or a golden coin pay $8, $16, and $80; a horseshoe or an A pay $4, $12, and $60; K, Q, J, or 10 pay $4, $8, and $40; a ladybird offers $20, $40, and $200; and the stringed rabbit foot gives $16, $32, and $160.

Lucky Lady’s head and the glistening ball are the Wilds and in case four symbols appear on any row in grid 1 then it prompts one column on grid 2 to show twelve similar symbols. Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 has free spins plus more payouts, which are: eight spins and $80 for three crystal balls, 12 spins and $200 for four crystal balls, and 20 spins and $800 for five crystal balls.

Frequent Luck in Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10
The RTP rate in Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 10 is 96.02% and the house edge is 3.98%. Although a game of luck, the numerous pay lines means the so-called lady luck is always smiling at the player almost back-to-back and simultaneously.

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