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Solar Winds

Although supplied by Microgaming; Solar Winds is the brainchild of All41 Studios. This spatial March 2021 video slot concerns seven planet-sized gems. Themes: alien planetary system, plasma, celestial bodies, supernova, meteors, and gemstones.

Solar Winds’ symbols (golden-and-orange planet, red planet, pink planet, green planet, cyan planet, purple planet and blue planet) require three, or four, or five winning combinations.

Solar Winds Game Characteristics

Solar Wind’ special features: locked wilds-only +1 free re-spins; repopulating 3X3 wilds; and X1000 bet multiplier.

The starting page’s “continue” icon redirects to a star-studded outer space, with cyan and dark blue interstellar gas clouds. There are neither free games nor a scatter in Solar Winds whose frameless irregular 5X3 grid consists of fifteen freestanding, transparent, flimsy, interlocking and dark-and-purple hexagons.

The 10 rightward winning ways are: along the middle, top and bottom; V-shaped and ꓥ-shaped; ꓵ-shaped and ꓴ-shaped; /-shaped and \-shaped; and И-like.

Solar Winds has six quick bets among its 28 total bets. Quick bets: $0.20, $0.40, $0.50, $1.00, $2.50, and $100.00. Total bets: 0.10 (minimum bet), $0.20, $0.30, $0.40, $0.50, $0.60, $0.80, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $6.00, $7.50, $8.00, $10.00, $12.50, $15.00, $20.00, $25.00, $30.00, $40.00, $50.00, $60.00, $80.00, and $100.00 (maximum bet).

Solar Winds has eight symbols: one special and seven ordinary symbols. Special symbol: exclusive to the inner reels, the substituting wild is a purple-and-orange supernova in a fastened white hexagon.

The ordinary symbols: a golden-and-orange planet amid golden meteors; a double-ringed red planet with protruding ruby boulders; a spiked single-ringed pink planet; a furrowed single-ringed green planet made of emerald; a cracked single-ringed planet made of cyan gem; a fissured and cratered purple planet made of amethyst; and a fissured blue planet made of sapphire.

Solar Winds’ payouts range from X0.50 to X50. Three blue planets or purple planets pay X0.50; four blue planets or purple planets pay X1; and five blue planets or purple planets pay X2.50. Three cyan planets pay X1; four cyan planets pay X1.50; and cyan planets pay X4.

Three green planets pay X1; four green planets pay X1.50; and green planets pay X5. Three pink planets pay X1; four pink planets pay X2.50; and pink planets pay X6. Three red planets pay X2.50; four red planets pay X6; and red planets pay X12. Three golden-and-orange planets pay X5; four golden-and-orange planets pay X20; and golden-and-orange planets pay X50.

A drawn “WILD” supernova not only entirely repopulates its respective reel after a meteor strike, but also prompts a reactivable free re-spin. Three back-to-back re-spins, where nine “wild” supernovas occupy the three internal reels, may coincide with six golden-and-orange on the first and fifth reels; this attracts the X1000 maximum single win that, for a maximum bet, yields a $100000.00 non-progressive jackpot.

The plain HTML5 game Solar Winds software has mobile/desktop versions and—along its left margin—quick spin and 10 to 100 auto spins. Sounds: space music background; bleeping and whooshing effects. The animated 3D graphics: meteor strikes amid flashing wilds, sun’s plasma, stellar explosion, and meteor showers.

Luck in Solar Winds

Solar Winds is a game of chance, with a 96.27% RTP rate and a 3.73% house edge.

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