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Reel Gems Deluxe

Reel Gems Deluxe is an October 2020 designed by Alchemy Gaming. Distributed by Microgaming; its thematic gemstones and playing card values require three, four, or five matching symbols to offer regular payouts. However, one rounded arrow is needed to enter the progressive level game.

Reel Gems Deluxe Game Characteristics

Notably, the disco-inspired Reel Gems Deluxe has: a multi-level side game with six sets of bet multipliers capped at X1000; repopulating symbols; autonomous paid-for re-spins; three sets of re-triggerable free games; and 20 left-to-right winning ways.

Shimmering blue-purple pixels, comprising of vintage LED disco panels, form the background of Reel Gems Deluxe whose 5X3 grid has multiple yellow-and-blue frames and blue-dotted partitions. The grid is divided into two major parts: a 2X3 left part and 3X3 right part. In the stack icon, “quick bet” has ten total bets while +/- adjust the 25 total bets under “advanced”.

The quick bets: $0.20 (minimum bet), $0.60, $1.20, $3.00, $6.00. $10.00, $16.00, $30.00, $60.00, and $100.00 (maximum bet). The 25 advanced bets: $0.20 (minimum), $0.40, $0.60, $0.80, $1.00, $1.20, $1.60, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $6.00, $8.00, $10.00, $12.00, $15.00, $16.00, $20.00, $25.00, $30.00, $40.00, $50.00, $60.00, $80.00, and $100.00 (maximum).

Reel Gems Deluxe’s three special symbols: the free games-activating scatter is a stadium-framed blue “free spins” diamond; the substituting wild is the yellow-and-blue “Reels Gems Deluxe” brand name; and the progressive level side game activator is a partially serrated yellow-and-blue rounded arrow.

Reel Gems Deluxe’s ordinary (four gems and four card values) symbols: a pear-cut citrine; a round-cut ruby; a radiant-cut emerald; a princess-cut sapphire; ice blue-and-orange A; ice blue-and-red K; ice blue-and-green Q; and ice blue-and-turquoise J.

Although self-adjusting, Reel Gems Deluxe payouts are as follows. Three diamonds pay X5, four diamonds pay X20, and five diamonds pay X100. Three “Reel Gems Deluxe” titles pay X2.50, four titles pay X7.50, and five titles pay X50.

Three citrines pay X1.25, four citrines pay X2.50, and five citrines pay X15. Three rubies pay X1, four rubies pay X2, and five rubies pay X4. Three emeralds pay X0.75, four emeralds pay X1.50, and five emeralds pay X2.50. Three sapphires pay X0.60, four sapphires pay X1.25, and five sapphires pay X2.

Three A pay X0.50, four A pay X1, and five A pay X1.75. Three K pay X0.50, four K pay X0.90, and five K pay X1.50. Three Q pay X0.40, four Q pay X0.75, and five Q pay X1.25. Three J pay X0.25, four J pay X0.50, and five J pay X1.

Three diamonds: five free games. Four diamonds: seven free games. Five diamonds: ten free games. Despite their random one-game-long activation during a regular round; the six matching gems or titles (on the 2X3 part) are pause in all free games, while other enlarged 3X3 symbols are spinning on the right.

A new set of retriggered free games indicate “level up ^” before locking the next superior symbol, wherein slightly or fully visible gems or titles may match with the locked ones. The multi-level game’s maximum payouts: sapphire’s X40 ($4000.00); emerald’s X50 ($5000.00); ruby’s X80 ($8000.00); citrine’s X300 ($30000.00); and title’s X1000 ($100000.00 progressive jackpot).

The hyper-spins refer to the five singly re-spinnable reels, costing over $0.01. Unavailable in some regions, Reel Gems Deluxe has: HTML5 technology-based mobile and desktop versions, quick spins, and 10X, 25X, 50X or 100X auto spins.

Sounds: ambient instrumental disco; and jingling, whooshing, and chords effects. The animated 3D graphics: glowing and snaking pay lines; gushing diamonds; swaying and zooming gems; and flashing LED lights.

Luck in Reel Gems Deluxe

Reel Gems Deluxe is a game of chance. RTP rate: 96.36%. House edge: 3.64%.

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