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VIP European Roulette

There are those well-off roulette players that simply desire a hassle-free way of high-rolling. So, VIP European Roulette is an appropriate choice for big spending roulette players with a gaming eye towards straightforward interaction designs. VIP European Roulette was one of the 146 new Internet casino games that Betsoft Gaming released at a go in May 2013.

The Valetta-based gaming company not only released the VIP European Roulette offshoot, but also created an equivalent variant for the America roulette fans, which is called VIP American Roulette. The two aforementioned online casino games are a part of Betsoft’s VIP series, which, apart from roulette, also comprises of other types of games such as blackjack, including American VIP Blackjack.

VIP European Roulette: Game Review
The first look at the name VIP European Roulette proves the obvious: this game is modeled on the European roulette. There is, therefore, only a “0” on its betting grid and on the roulette wheel (there is no race track), unlike the VIP American roulette that has both “0” and “00”on its grid and wheel. Otherwise, the two games are virtually similar. VIP European Roulette also has numbers 1 to 36 on its betting grid and roulette wheel that are grouped into: three batches of 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12; two batches of 1 to 1-18 and 19-36; and are identified as either even or odd numbers, and black or red.

When playing the VIP European Roulette game, the software first loads both the language and skin. Thereafter, players can take cue from the brief prompts on the teleprompter-like display screen on the left. The four-step autocue tells players to: “select action from menu”, “place your bet, please” which, after the minimum $10 bet is attained, becomes “placing bets, click spin to begin”, and, the “ball is in motion”.

The VIP European Roulette players can either press “Repeat” and “Spin” icons to replay the next game round using the bets placed for the previous game round, or they can press “clear” and put make new bet placements on the betting grid. The table limit in VIP European Roulette is $10 minimum (which implies the target market is high-rollers) and $1000 maximum, whereas the betting chips are valued at $0.25, $1, $5, $25, $100, and $500.

The payouts in VIP European Roulette are 35 to 1 for a Straight Up bet, 17 to 1 for a Split Bet, 11 to 1 for a Street Bet, 8 to 1 is for Corner Bets, 5 to 1 for a Line Bet, 2 to 1 for either the Dozen Bet or Column Bets, and 1 to 1 for Even Chances (Red/Black, or Even/Odd, or Low/High bet types). The simplicity of VIP European Roulette software suits convenient-oriented players, which also means that the graphics and sound (on and off) effects are kept to a bare minimum. In fact, there is no background music.

VIP European Roulette: Game Strategy
The return to player rate in VIP European Roulette is 93.70% while the house edge of the game stands at 2.70%. VIP European Roulette players should not worry themselves about any game strategy because it boils down to luck.

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