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How Do You Win at Roulette?

Ah yes – the question everyone wants to know – how do you win at roulette? How do you make money at roulette? Is it possible to win at roulette?

The answer may surprise you. Yes, it is possible to win at roulette. But it requires a lot of luck. And the odds of you actually being able to do it are astronomical at best. But it is possible.

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First of all there are two things we need to mention. The first one is – The Martingale Strategy Sucks. You may not even know what the Martingale system is, but I’m sure you have used, or at least thought of, this system in the past. The Martingale system is a double your losses system. You bet $1, and if you win then you bet $1. You lose $1, then you bet $2. Win and you go back to your initial $1 bet. Lose and you go to $4. Then $8. Then $16. and so on and so forth because really, you gotta eventually win right?


You may think “What are the odds of it being black 8 times in a row?”. The odds of it being black 8 times in a row, are the same odds of it being red, red, black, red, black, red, black, black or any other random assortment of the two colours. The fact is, each spin is 100% independent of the other. There are no “hot numbers”. There’s no “hot streak”. It is completely possible for the ball to land on red 20 times in a row.

The only way you could win with this strategy is if you have (a) an infinite bankroll, and (b) are playing at a casino with no table limits. If you have an unlimited supply of money then by all means, go ahead and martingale it up. But if you don’t then please don’t even attempt this roulette double up strategy – you’re eventually going to lose everything you have.

The other thing we need to mention is software like Roulette Sniper, Roulette Assault, Roulette Bandit, Roulette Hacker,Roulette Killer, Roulette Xtreme or any of those other software programs out there. You’ll find them on the internet, and they are complete and utter scams. They really are. The people behind them DO make money from these programs, but its not by hitting up roulette wheels and breaking the casino. It’s from either of these:

  1. Selling the software to you, the consumer. They may even advertise money back guarantees and so on. These are all false. Do not purchase these programs. You will just be throwing your money away.
  2. Providing the software to you for free. So, how do they make money by doing this? Very simple – they recommend a casino to sign up and play at. You click through their affiliate link. They then make 30%-40% of everything that you lose. Why would they do this, if their program works? Simple – it won’t. They are hoping that you will sign up under their affiliate link, lose your bankroll, and then they earn 30%-40% of it.

None of these programs work. It wouldn’t surprise us if some of them are full of viruses and malware. So please – don’t try them, don’t believe the videos, and don’t fall for their trap.

Now – how the hell do we win at Roulette? Unfortunately there’s no tricky betting system. There’s no amazing software out there. There’s not even any casino signup bonuses that will increase your edge, as they never allow you to bet the bonus at Roulette. However there is a way to increase your edge. All it requires is your own observation skills, and it can be done both at live casinos and online casinos.

What a roulette dealer should be doing, is mixing it up. They should be mixing up their spins, and making sure the ball doesn’t stick to one section. However if you can get a new dealer, or an uninterested dealer, then you may notice that they stick to putting the ball in at the same spot every time, and never mixing up their spins. This means that the majority of the time, the ball will end up landing on a certain section of numbers.

For example, if you notice that the ball seem to land on numbers beside each other often – like 10, 27, 00, 1 and 13, this is a solid indication that the dealer isn’t mixing up their spins. This increases the odds that the ball will end up on this section of the wheel, and give bets on those numbers a positive expectation.

Please note that this is not a foolproof plan by any means, and that it will only slightly increase your edge. Also note that at a live casino, an attentive pit boss will soon notice this, and bring it to the dealers attention. So you have to be observant and quick when this occurs.

You can also try this online, at live dealer casinos. Some online casinos offer live dealer roulette, and you can often find inattentive dealers there. They have no actual gamblers in front of them – they are just staring at a computer screen, and it’s very easy to get board. If you want to play live dealer roulette, then check out the likes of Bet365 Casino. Please note: US players, you cannot play at any live dealer casinos. If you’re an American, Slotastic Casino offers Roulette in its two most popular formats.

Everyone else, go to Bet365 Casino

Good luck, and don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

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