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European Roulette Gold

Any roulette variant is most likely mentioned alongside these three adjectives—French, European, and American. While most roulette variants replicate either of the three to a fault in order to retain originality, relatively fewer variants, among them the European Roulette Gold, overstep the basics of the roulette. Alternatively called European Roulette Gold Series, European Roulette Gold is an Internet casino game developed by Microgaming Software Systems.

The games developer from Douglas, Isle of Man has made considerable success of its Gold Series, wherein European Roulette Gold is listed alongside casino games like Blackjack Gold Series, Multi Wheel Roulette Gold Series, Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker Gold Series, and Hi Lo 13 European Gold Series. European Roulette Gold was launched on October 2005.

European Roulette Gold: Game Review
European Roulette Gold has remained true to the betting layout of the traditional European roulette. As with other European roulette-styled offshoots, the grid in European Roulette Gold has pockets for a dark-green “0” and either black or red numbers 1 to 36. European Roulette Gold has a racetrack that is situated directly above the betting grid.

The icon directly below the roulette wheel reveals more bets (both neighbors and call bets). European Roulette Grid has 1st 12, 2rd 12, and 3rd 12 for three-way bet types, whereas the even chance bet types are represented by 1-18 and 19-38, Even and Odd, and a black diamond and a red diamond.

Playing European Roulette Gold is easy. First, the players choose the necessary chips from the side navigation menu, which is situated between the betting grid and the re-bet icon. The roulette players then tap on the betting grid accordingly, before clicking “Spin”. On the one hand, selecting a betting chip then tapping continuously on a spot in the betting grid increases the bet progressively; on the other hand, pressing either “Undo”, or left-click and the shift button simultaneously reduces the bet.

European Roulette Gold has diverse bet sizes, ranging from the lowly $0.05 to the highly $100. The other bet sizes are $0.10, $0.20, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $5, $10, and $50. The game has a minimum bet of $1.00, while the table limit is $500.00. The payouts in the European Roulette Gold game are as low as 1:1 for two-way bets but players can win up to 35:1 for Straight bets; payouts also include 2:1 for Column/Dozen Bets, 5:1 for Line Bets, 8:1 Corner Bets, and 11:1 for a Street bet.

A commendable thing about European Roulette Gold is inclusivity. If a player is a first-timer, then unlimited demo credits are available. An average player can play in regular mode while professionals can switch to expert mode.

But the real deal in European Roulette Gold is its software, which has an editable layout where players can choose from eight pre-programmed layouts without even losing their active table bets or affecting their autoplay preferences. The realistic and vibrant graphics and the pleasant sounds demonstrate perfection.

European Roulette Gold: Game Strategy
European Roulette Gold has a return to player rate of 97.4%, while the house edge is 2.6%. The automated number generation makes it a strategy-defying and fair roulette game.

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