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Diamond Roulette

Diamond Roulette, which is sometimes known as Diamond Bet Roulette, is an Internet casino game developed by the Isle of Man-based Playtech plc. This traditional roulette-based game has been around since late 2008, when it surfaced in Atlantic City’s casinos. The Diamond Roulette game, which predominantly incorporates features that are particularly synonymous with the American Roulette, is fitted with a Europe-style user interface. The Diamond Bet, a shiny diamond stone that is exclusive to Diamond Roulette and which inspired the game’s name, is a substitute for the “00” spot.

The key point in Diamond Roulette players’ attempts is similar all over roulette variants—it is all about the ball’s landing spot as determined by the game’s in-built sensors. However, Diamond Roulette variant offers not only more betting choices but also ridiculously many multipliers.

Diamond Roulette: Game Review
There are black or red-coloured digits 1 to 36, a green-coloured “0”, and a diamond-encased light yellow-coloured for the “00” spot, which collectively act as the symbols in Diamond Roulette. When played via desktop computer, the software—models and their respective procedures might vary—first prompts the players to select their preferred table limit from a list of twelve choices; they press “Join”, press on a preferred betting chip, click anywhere on the grid so as to bet, and then press the “Spin” icon. A screen will show the table coverage in %. The virtual roulette wheel positioned at the top centre starts spinning after which Diamond Roulette players get a close up view of their results on a splash screen near the top left.

The betting chips, located at the far left side, are valued at from $0.1 to $25, including $0.5, $1, $5 and $10. Diamond Roulette has a minimum bet of $0.10 while the maximum bet is $200.00 (some versions might show $150.00) for the diamond bet; the colour bets, high/low, and even/odd choices require $1.00 minimum bet and up to $1000.00 maximum bet. The table maximum can be up to $25,000.00 or €10,000.00 for European versions).

Players’ bets can be anywhere on the betting table and/or neighbours table; these two tables can be switched back and forth using the rounded rectangle icon below the roulette wheel. The betting table lets players bet on the diamond bet (black/red) and numbers, including the universal high/low, lone digits and any third of the 36 odd/even numbers; The neighbours comprises of the so-called tier, orphelins, and voisins du zero bets. The X2 Double icon is for doubling bets.

The Diamond Bet pays between 14 to 1 and 99 to 1; Straight Up, Split, Street, Corner, five, line, and column bets pay 35 to 1, 17 to 1, 11 to 1, 8 to 1, 6 to 1, 5 to 1, and 2 to 1, respectively. The rest pay 1 to 1. Diamond Roulette is fitted with numerous multipliers, consisting of X15 to X50 (in the +5 sequence), X60, and the Jackpot (X100).

Diamond Roulette has an auto play icon that is activated by a long press on the spin icon; it lets players adjust the sounds (on/off, or pulling the volume slider accordingly), and opt to bypass the introduction video. Moreover, the wheel auto-zoom, ambient sound, and turbo features are adjustable through the drop-down menu in the settings icon at the top right. Betting history and total spins are showed while a progressive jackpot counter is at the very top left. The graphics is purpose-built so there is nothing fancy.

Diamond Roulette: Strategy
Diamond Roulette’s RTP is between 92.11% and 95.39%, whereas its house edge is from 4.61% to 7.89%. Strategies such as combination betting—instead of single betting—can shore winning chances up.

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