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Common Draw Roulette

Most casino games are set to be at the player’s beck and call—usually, a game round does not start until the player commands it. Now, imagine an online casino game that takes the initiative; where if you delay a little before prompting it to play, then you realize that it is already game on. One suchlike game, which keeps the players on their toes, is called Common Draw Roulette.

Common Draw Roulette, which has been in the market for over five years and is modeled on the European roulette variant, is a timed casino game developed by Betsoft Gaming. But this Malta-based games developer has done more than digitalizing the basics of the traditional roulette. Ordinarily, the Common Draw Roulette players attempt to beat the randomized number generator in order to successfully bet on forthcoming positions where the rotating roulette ball might land.

Common Draw Roulette: Game Review
The main screen in Common Draw Roulette has the usual features, but does not have a racetrack. Instead, the place that is normally occupied by the racetrack is fitted with a minimized window that has three tabs—“statistics”, a “chat” platform where those playing the game online simultaneously can socialize in real time, and a three-page list of “special bets”.

The betting layout of Common Draw Roulette has a white “0”, and either black or red numbers (irregularly colored) 1 up to 36; the associated bet types include a choice of three twelfths (first 12 or second 12 or third 12), a choice of two halves (first half or second half), and even/odd. The symbols for a red or black bet are a round red circle and a round black circle, unlike the oftentimes oval or diamond shapes used in other roulette variants.

To play Common Draw Roulette, the player first chooses the betting chips, located between the roulette wheel and the video zoom, or at the bottom left. The betting chips are valued between $0.5 and $500, including $1, $5, $25 and $100; the flipside of this section is that it is blurry and the player has to squint to distinguish the various stacked chips. After placing the chips on the grid, the player is prompted to confirm the bets seven seconds before it starts playing (but the game round will start anyway, regardless of whether you have confirmed or not, which can lead to unnecessary mistakes); then waits for the game round to begin automatically, after which the prompter reads out the results. Between the time of placing the bets and the start of a round, the players have about 30 seconds.

The minimum table limit in Common Draw Roulette is $3, while the maximum table limit is $500.00. However, the lowest minimum bet is $1.00. The payouts in Common Draw Roulette range from 1:1 for Even Chances to 35:1 for a Straight Up. Other payouts are 2:1 for either Column Bets or Dozen Bets, 5:1 for Line Bets, 8:1 for Corner Bets, 11:1 for Street.

Common Draw Roulette: Game Strategy
Common Draw Roulette has a return to player rate of 97%, while the house edge is 3%. This is a game of chance because the results are associated with a random number generator.

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