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Card Roulette

Card Roulette: Introduction
Card Roulette is an interesting browser game developed by 888games, a gaming software provider that is under the Gibraltar-based parent organization called Cassava Enterprises. Rival software developers such as OpenBet and Gtech Corporation have suchlike replicas. Online casino operators classify Card Roulette under the roulette games category. Although there are other card-based roulette variants that are also partly inspired by playing cards, those variants mostly use a fraction of the cards, whereas Card Roulette uses a whole deck.

Card Roulette is neither modelled on American Roulette nor European Roulette per se, which have 36 and 37 numbers, respectively; instead, the 54 playing cards, which includes the jokers too, line up along the inside wall of the roulette wheel, giving it a serrated appearance. The jokers are substitutes for the “0” and “00” spots. Card Roulette players’ hopes are fixated on the ball’s post-rotation landing spot.

Card Roulette: Game Review
54 playing cards, ranging from numbers to jokers to picture cards, make up for the symbols in Card Roulette. The picture cards are J, Q, and K, whereas the numbers are 1 to 10; together with the Aces and their respective suits, the Card Roulette players are spoilt for choice. The black symbols, including the spades and clubs, are on the left side of the wheel; whereas the red symbols, plus their respective diamonds and hearts, are on towards the right.

The Card Roulette players first stake on their preferred places accordingly, out of the seven categories. For instance, to bet on evens or odds they press on the respective symbols either at the top left side or top right side of the roulette wheel while pressing the bottom left side or bottom right side is for either the face bet or joker bet. Third, the column on the left side lets players stake on every card of a particular type such as a black face card of the clubs, and vice versa on the right column. Betting on a particular range, such as Middle (6-10) or Lower (2-5) or Higher (A and face cards) can be done so on the far right side.

After placing bets players press “SPIN” icon (at the bottom right side) to begin the game, which can be hastened by the turbo feature; in the Card Roulette game, players can bet between $1.00 minimum bet and $100.00 maximum bet. The Card Roulette has a Bonus Prize that is activated whenever the players get a five-card poker hand.

The following are the types of payouts found in Card Roulette. The Royal Flush pays X1000; the Straight Flush pays X100; 4 of a kind has X10; the Full House pays X5; the Flush pays X2; whereas the Straight will pay Card Roulette players X1.

Special features include re-bets, auto play, and turbo mode. Players can also choose the appearance of the roulette table.

Card Roulette: Game Strategy
The return to player rate in Card Roulette is 96.3%. The house edge of this game is 3.7%. Card Roulette is a game of chance, any strategy notwithstanding.

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