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WWE Poker Review is a new online poker room created by World Wrestling Entertainment. If you are familiar with the UFC poker room by the Ultimate Fighting Championships, it is very much the same idea and concept.

Before we go any further we should note that at no point can you actually play for real money at WWE Poker. If you want to play with actual cash, then you can deposit with your credit card or various ewallets at Full Tilt Poker. On top of that they’ll give you up to $600 just for being a new player! Claim your free $600 now.

So if you can’t play for real money at WWE Poker, what exactly can you do? Well you can play for play money at WWE Poker. However the main allure and attraction of WWE Poker is the special promotions they run where WWE Poker offers special tournaments, with both cash and WWE merchandise available to be won.

WWE Poker have regular recurring tournaments running every day – to be able to play in these WWE Poker tournaments you need to earn points, which you can earn via a various of methods like referring friends to WWE Poker, or participating in surveys, as well as earning them via mini tournaments ran on WWE Poker.

The recurring tournaments are buyins of approximately 250 points, and are usually satellite tournaments which if you place in the top 10, will send you onto a bigger tournament where you can win actual prizes. For example, if you place in the top 10 in the 12:15am tournament then you gain entry into the WWE Champ Spinner Belt Replica tournament, where you can win a WWE Champ Spinner Belt Replica.

WWE Poker also runs special tournaments on special days, for unique prizes. Currently on Saturdays for example, there is a 500 point buy-in tournament where the person who wins the tournament will win a John Cena Never Give Up cap.

You can also win tickets to special WWE pay-per-view events and more. Currently at this time there are no bounty tournaments however we expect that to change in the near future – a major attraction for WWE Poker would obviously be the possibility of sitting down at the table with John Cena. And telling him “You can’t see me” before mucking your cards, obviously.

If you’re new to playing texas holdem then WWE poker may be of interest to you – however we should note that it is going to be frustrating. There are lots of bad players which increase variance and will add to the bad beats – you also don’t win cash prizes, just WWE gift cards.

If you are looking to play online poker and win actual real money, we would recommend Full Tilt Poker. They offer freeroll tournaments where you don’t even have to pay anything to enter, but can win actual money from them. Hey if Chris Ferguson went from $0 to $10,000 at Full Tilt Poker, anyone can do it.

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