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Fortune Poker Review

Bovada is ran on the Boss Network, a network that has been growing stronger and stronger in recent times. Their software has seen numerous upgrades to make it run more smoothly, and they’re becoming more popular by the day, due to one key factor: fish. You will not find a fishier website than Fortune Poker, as the Boss Network is shared by major sportsbooks, including Sporting Bet and Linesmaker.

Fortune Poker Review

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Fortune Poker Software: Fortune Poker’s software runs very well after a lot of upgrades. Their cards are crisp and clear, their tables, which you can run up to 5 multitables, are easy to see and stand out well, and the lobby is very easy to navigate, although doesn’t refresh all the time. poker software rating

Fortune Poker Traffic: GMT Peak Time: 6000 players. EST Peak Time: 2500 players. All games, from 5 Card Draw to Multi Table Tournaments, have a solid player base. poker traffic rating

Fortune Poker Game Variety: Fortune Poker offer Texas Hold’Em, Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo in Limit, No Limit and Pot Limit format. They also offer Seven Card Stud, 5 Card Stud and 5 Card Draw. Exclusively, Fortune Poker offer A-7 5 Card Draw. Tournaments are restricted to Hold’Em. poker game variety

Fortune Poker Fish Factor: Bar none, the fishiest poker network on the internet. Yes, even fishier than Party Poker! The Hold’Em tables can see 80% of players to the flops, the Stud and Omaha tables some people don’t appear to have a fold button, and if you can handle the high variance due to the looseness of these games, you can make a LOT of money here. And make a lot more money with our A-7 Strategy Guide. poker fish

Fortune Poker Freerolls:
Fortune Poker runs a daily $200 Freeroll, as well as a Sunday $50 Freeroll.

Fortune Poker VIP Club / Loyalty Rewards: N/A

Fortune Poker Support: Fortune Poker use the standard Boss Network Poker Response support. Live operators are available via the software, but this feature doesn’t often work. They are usually prompt at responding to any issues. Fortune Poker however stand out on the Boss Network in regard to support due to their manager, who is always accessible to the players, and likes to get to know each player individually, and help him in any way that he can. They also offer 24 hour support via telephone. poker support

Fortune Poker Deposit/Withdrawal Options: Webdollar – Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Switch, Solo, Neteller, Paysafe Card, Wire Transfer, Bank Draft, Cheque / Check. Neteller withdrawals take 3-5 days.

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    Additional Questions:

    What games does Fortune Poker offer?

    Fortune Poker offer many different varieties of poker to cater for you needs. The standard games offered on all poker sites are available at Fortune Poker: Hold ‘Em (No Limit, Pot Limit and Limit), Omaha (Pot Limit and Limit), Omaha Hi-Lo (Pot Limit and Limit), Seven Card Stud, Five Card Stud. They also offer Five Card Draw, Five Card Draw 7-A, as well as SOKO. Fortune Poker offers various limits of cash games, as well as a diverse range of tournaments to play.

    Does Fortune Poker have a deposit bonus for new players?

    Fortune Poker has a 200% deposit bonus on your first deposit at Fortune Poker up to €1,000. Your initial deposit must be €20 or more and your bonus is released in €10 blocks for every €50 of rake generated.

    Does Fortune Poker offer monthly reload bonuses?

    Fortune Poker offers a reload bonus upon request for players who have not played for a minimum of three months. Upon your request being verified, it is 100% up to €500, clearing in €10 blocks for every €60 of rake generated. They also run monthly reload bonuses, which players will be notified of.

    What is the software like at Fortune Poker?

    The software at Fortune Poker is fairly standard. The software at Fortune Poker is easy to use, with tabs at the top of the lobby to help you find the game you’re looking for. You can filter the games further to allow you to choose the table size, limits and the speed of the table.

    The graphics and animations on the site are average, with no real distinguishing features to separate them from the rest of the rooms.

    The action buttons at Fortune Poker are easy to use, although there is nothing that makes them stand out from the rest.

    The Fortune Poker software also allows you to filter the chat to whatever you extent you want, so you can have all chat, dealer chat only or have chat ignored completely. Chat also appears in the form of chat bubbles above each player – this feature can be turned on and off at the user’s discretion.

    At Fortune Poker you can also choose to use a four color deck.

    The software also has the choice of English, German, Italian, French and Spanish for its users.

    Fortune Poker’s software also allows you to find a player, so if you’re looking for a friend or a player who you beat regularly, you can find them very easily.

    Fortune Poker’s software also allows you to view the hand history of the last five hands played.

    Perhaps the main unique feature of Fortune Poker’s software is you have the option of flash based software, so you don’t need to download the client, meaning anyone can use Fortune Poker as long as they have Flash installed.

    Does Fortune Poker have a loyalty store or rewards program?

    Yes, Fortune Poker has a loyalty store as well as a rewards program. At Fortune Poker you acquire Frequent Player Points (FPPs). For every €0.25 of rake you generate, you acquire 1 FPP. These can then be used as tournament buy-ins or can be redeemed in the Fortune Poker Gift Shop. In the gift shop you can purchase a wide variety of things, from chip sets to various poker themed items of clothing to holidays in places such as diverse as Nicaragua, Ibiza and Las Vegas. There is something for everyone in the Fortune Poker Gift Shop.

    Does Fortune Poker have a Refer a Friend program?

    No, at the moment Fortune Poker does not have a Refer a Friend program.

    Does Fortune Poker have a Bad Beat Jackpot or High Hand Jackpot?

    Yes, Fortune Poker offers a Bad Beat Jackpot to players playing in €0.50/€1 and greater Bad Beat designated ring game tables. The jackpot starts off at €100,000. Four players must be dealt into the hand for it to qualify and qualifying losing hands are quads sixes or better. 50% goes to the losing hand, 25% to the winning hand and 25% to the rest of the table.

    What countries and nationalities can play at Fortune Poker? Can Americans play at Fortune Poker?

    Fortune Poker is based on the Boss Network, which generates a lot of action from Europe and, unfortunately, Fortune Poker does not allow Americans to play in their poker room.

    How do I deposit money into Fortune Poker?

    Fortune Poker offers various ways to deposit through WebDollar. You can fund your account using Visa, Mastercard, Solo, Neteller, Wire transfer, bank draft, check or Moneta.

    How do I withdraw money from Fortune Poker?

    You can withdraw funds from Fortune Poker onto your Visa or Solo card, as long as you have used the card to make a deposit within 180 days. You can also use Moneta to withdraw funds, as well as Neteller, wire transfer or bank draft and check.

    Is Fortune Poker trustworthy? Is my money secure at Fortune Poker?

    Fortune Poker is a poker room that we trust completely. They have support staff working 24-7 to help with any problems you may have and they take site security very seriously. Fortune Poker use WebDollar for their payment processing, which is safeguarded using a reliable encryption technique.

    Revisión de Fortune Poker

    ¿Qué juegos ofrece Fortune Poker?

    Fortuna Poker ofrece muchas variedades diferentes de póker para atender sus necesidades. Los juegos estándares ofrecidos en todos los sitios de póquer están disponibles en Fortune Poker: Hold ‘Em (No Limit, Pot Limit y Límite), Omaha (Pot Limit y Límite), Omaha Hi-Lo (Límite de Bote y Límite), Seven Card Stud, Five Card Stud. También ofrecen Five Card Draw, Five Card Draw 7-A, así como Soko. Fortune Poker ofrece varios límites de juegos en efectivo, así como una amplia gama de torneos para jugar.

    ¿Tiene Fortune Poker un bono de depósito para jugadores nuevos?

    Fortune Poker tiene un bono del 200% en tu primer hasta 1.000 €. Tu depósito inicial debe ser de € 20 o más y el bono se libera en bloques de € 10 € 50 de “rake” generado.

    ¿Ofrece Fortune Poker bonos de recarga mensual?

    Fortune Poker ofrece un bono de recarga a petición de los jugadores que no han jugado durante un mínimo de tres meses. Después de verificar su solicitud, es 100% hasta € 500, pagados en bloques de € 10 por cada € 60 de “rake” generado. También se dan bonos mensuales de recarga, que los jugadores son notificados.

    ¿Cómo es el software en Fortune Poker?

    El software en Fortune Poker es bastante estándar. El software en Fortune Poker es fácil de usar, con teclas en la parte superior del lobby para ayudarle a encontrar el juego que estás buscando. Puede filtrar los juegos para que elijas el tamaño, límites y la velocidad de la mesa.
    Los gráficos y animaciones en el sitio son promedios, sin características reales que lo separaren del resto de salones.

    Los botones de acción en Fortune Poker son fáciles de usar, aunque no hay nada que les hace sobresalir del resto.
    El software de Fortune Poker también le permite filtrar el chat a medida lo que quieres, puede filtrar todos los chat, chat comercial o ignorarlo por completo. El chat también aparece en forma de burbujas de chat por encima de cada jugador – esta característica se puede activar y desactivar, a elección del usuario.
    En Fortune Poker también puede optar por utilizar una baraja de cuatro colores.
    El software también tiene la opción de Inglés, alemán, italiano, francés y español para sus usuarios.
    Fortune Poker software también le permite encontrar a un jugador, así que si estás buscando a un amigo o un jugador, puedes encontrarlo muy fácilmente.

    Fortune Poker software también le permite ver el historial de mano de los últimos cinco manos jugadas.

    Quizás la principal característica única de software de Fortune Poker es que usted tiene la opción de software basado en flash, por lo que no es necesario descargar el cliente, es decir, cualquier persona puede utilizar Fortune Poker, siempre y cuando dispone de Flash instalado.

    ¿Tiene Fortune Poker un programa de premios para clientes leales?

    Sí, Fortune Poker tiene una tienda de lealtad, así como un programa de recompensas. En Fortune Poker tú adquieres Puntos de Jugador Frecuente (FPP). Por cada € 0.25 de rake que generes, adquieres 1 FPP. Estos pueden ser utilizados como torneo de buy-ins o se pueden canjear en la lista Fortune Poker regalos. En la tienda de regalos puedes comprar una gran variedad de cosas, desde los conjuntos de chips a varias temáticas de póker, hasta vacaciones en lugares tan diversos como Nicaragua, Ibiza y Las Vegas. Hay algo para todos en la lista Fortune Poker regalos.

    ¿Tiene Fortune Poker un programa Refer a Friend?

    No, en este momento Fortune Poker no tiene un programa Refiere un Amigo.

    ¿Tiene Fortune Poker un Jackpot Bad Beat o Jackpot High Hand?

    Sí, Fortune Poker ofrece un Bad Beat Jackpot a los jugadores que juegan en € 0,50 / 1 € y mayores juegos Bad Beat. La apuesta (jackpot) comienza en € 100.000. Cuatro jugadores pueden jugar por la apuesta para calificar y manos que pierden la calificación son seiss equipos o mejores. 50% va a la mano perdedora, el 25% de la mano ganadora y el 25% al resto de la mesa.

    ¿Qué países y nacionalidades pueden jugar en Fortune Poker? ¿Pueden los americanos jugar en Fortune Poker?

    Fortune Poker se basa en la Red Boss, que genera una gran cantidad de acción en Europa y, por desgracia, Fortune Poker no permitir que los estadounidenses jueguen en la sala de póquer.

    ¿Cómo deposito dinero en Fortune Poker?

    Fortune Poker ofrece varios sistemas de depósito a través de WebDollar. Puedes depositar en tu cuenta con Visa, Mastercard, Solo, Neteller, transferencia bancaria, giro bancario, cheque o Moneta.

    ¿Cómo puedo retirar dinero de Fortune Poker?

    Usted puede retirar fondos de Fortune Poker en su tarjeta Visa o Solo Card, siempre y cuando usted ha utilizado la tarjeta para hacer un depósito en un plazo de 180 días. También puede utilizar Moneta para retirar fondos, así como Neteller, transferencia bancaria o giro bancario y de verificación.

    ¿Es Fortune Poker confiable? ¿Está mi dinero seguro en Fortune Poker?

    Fortune Poker es una sala de póquer que confiamos por completo. Tienen personal de apoyo las 24-7 para ayudar con cualquier problema que pueda tener y se toman muy en serio la seguridad del sitio. Fortune Poker usa WebDollar para su procesamiento de pagos, el cual está protegido mediante una técnica de encriptación confiable.

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