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Rush Bingo

Rush Bingo—it should not be confused with Bingo Rush game—is a bingo card-themed Internet casino game from the U.K-based gaming company named Inspired Entertainment. The famous games developer boasts of lots of suchlike casino games filed away in its Rush gaming line, including Rush Roulette, Rush Motor Racing, Rush Cycling, and Rush Keno. News of the launch of Rush Bingo, which Inspired Entertainment offers in conjunction with SIS Betting through their Virtual Betting Channel, were announced in August 2014. Basically, Rush Bingo players aim at matching exclusively six balls so as to qualify for the generous payouts.

Rush Bingo: Game Review
The symbols used in Rush Bingo are round colored balls that in some way resemble billiard balls. These virtual balls, which are either blue- colored or red- colored, are forty-nine in total and the numbering ranges from one to forty-nine. When Rush Bingo is played via an online casino operator, the software is launched through a systematic process; it starts sorting the balls, and filling and powering up the machine. Players can either pick balls manually or use an automated option. The manual process involves singly clicking on the preferred six numbers on the playing balls, wherein the six chosen numbers appear in a listing. To automate the process, players click on the “Lucky Dip” icon at the game’s start page. A specific batch of six balls can be marked as favorite.

Rush Bingo has six betting chips that are between $0.20 and $50, including $1, $2, $4, and $10. Every line supports a maximum of $50 bet, whereas the entire game round supports up to $200 stake. To set the stake, players continuously press the plus (+) button at the start page until the desired stake is reached, or, better still, combine the betting chips accordingly. For instance, to stake $4.20, a player can press the $4 chip, click on the + button, then press the 20c chip before pressing the + button again. Afterwards, players click the “Go!” button and the game begins amid a drumming-like sound. Pressing “Clear” removes the stakes and picked numbers.

Rush Bingo lets player select one line or a maximum of 20 favorite lines, and each line can have a different bet size. Pressing “Speed up” hastens draw process, although the draw can be skipped. Rush Bingo has 30 different fixed odds that range from X1 (for six balls draw out of the first 35 balls) to X25000 (for six balls drawn out of the first 6 balls). However, X500000 is the biggest payout in any Rush Bingo game round. Note that the prize also depends with the matching speed of Rush Bingo lines.

Rush Bingo, whose software supports multiple currencies, has dynamic audio, including drumming, bleeping, whooshing, clinking, and rattling sounds. The graphics are not noteworthy, but it not a damper. Unfortunately, Rush Bingo lacks a progressive jackpot.

Rush Bingo: Strategy
The RTP rate of Rush Bingo is 93%. Although there are no sure-fire strategies for winning Rush Bingo, experts recommend tricks that might give the player an upper hand, including playing it during non-rush hours and maximizing the multiple lines played simultaneously.

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