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Do I Get Free Drinks At A Live Casino?

One of the perks of going to a casino are the freebies you can get while you’re playing there. It’s great – they might give you a free meal, sometimes even a free room if you play enough and wager enough money, but most gamblers realize that as long as you’re playing, you’re entitled to a free drink.

Well, in North American casinos, they’re happy to comp you free drinks as long as you appear to be playing. In fact, a common practice for people is to put $1 in a video poker machine, get the waitress to come over and order a beer/cocktail/whatever your poison is. Add in a tip and it might as well be a free alcoholic drink. Of course, the drink doesn’t have to be alcoholic. The thing is, the comparative cost of a drink for these casinos compared to what you might lose to them, especially if you’ve had a little drink and got a buzz on, is negligible.

Elsewhere in the world, it’s not as much fun. In the United Kingdom, most casinos only comp you soft drinks and tea and coffee. There are the very few casinos that might comp you an alcoholic drink, but because most of the casinos are owned by so few companies, the chances of getting anything other than a fruit juice is very slim.

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The rules in Great Britain also apply to Australia, sadly. Of course, I think a lot of it is because casinos in Great Britain and Australia aren’t really tourist traps, whereas the two main sites in North America – Las Vegas and Atlantic City – are a hive for tourists and tourists love to drink while they’re on vacation! But it’s a great custom that goes on in nearly every casino on the continent and long may it continue!

One thing to remember, aside from remembering to tip the waitresses, is not to go overboard if you’re seriously gambling. Drinking alcohol will severely damage your skills when it comes to playing blackjack with optimal strategy and your betting patterns will no doubt end up riskier. Hell, we all like to take a few more risks after a drink or two, but that shouldn’t be the case when gambling.

However, a huge bonus of playing at an online casino is that you can have drinks more or less comped to you as you play. Yes, you’ll have to buy them in, but the amount you tip waitresses for the same amount is probably the same as you’d pay at the store. I like firing up Bovada, having a couple of beers (not too many) and hitting the tables there. To add to the experience, I sometimes ask my partner to bring me the beers and I’ll give her a pat on the ass as she leaves. I’m not popular when I do it…unless I’m winning, of course. So, if you’re going to a casino simply to get a few comped drinks, I’d seriously reconsider and just get your gambling thrills online. Remember, all you need is the Bovada software and a few beers…and a very understanding partner!

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