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Let It Ride For Dummies

Welcome to our Let It Ride For Dummies guide. This is where we take the game Let It Ride and break it down so that any player can understand how to play Let It Ride with ease, and be hitting the Let It Ride tables in no time.

We have three versions of the Let it Ride For Dummies Guide available. They are presented in the page in this order:

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We hope you enjoy our Let It Ride for Dummies guides, and if you have any feedback at all to make these easier or any questions if we didn’t explain something enough, scroll down for our Additional Questions area where you can ask any questions and we’ll answer them for you.

Let It Ride for Dummies Video Version

Let It Ride For Dummies Text Version Let It Ride for Dummies:
Place 3 bets, all of the same value on each betting circle. These are usually marked “Ante”, “2” and “1”. The Ante bet is a bet that MUST be placed, however later in the hand you will have the option of taking back the two additional bets if you don’t have a good hand. (Optional) Place a bonus bet too. The odds and house edge of the Let It Ride bonus bet vary depending on the casino, but are usually best to avoid.
You are now dealt 3 cards. If you are playing with other players do not let them see those cards. 2 additional cards will be dealt into the middle of the table face down. These cards are “community” cards, and shared by everyone at the table.
If the cards you are dealt result in a payout, then you are done with the hand. You “Let It Ride” and keep all the bets on the table. If the minimum payout is a pair of 10s for example and you have at least a pair of 10s in your hand, then this would apply to you. If you don’t have at least a pair of 10s in your hand…
This is where you have to decide whether to keep all 3 bets on the table, or “pull” one back. If you have a pair, a flush draw or a straight draw, you may want to keep the bets on the table. However if you do not have a good hand, then you remove one of your bets from the table.
After choosing to “pull” or “keep” your first bet, the first community card is turned over. You then have the option of “pulling” or keeping the middle bet on the table. If you are 4 to a flush you would want to keep it on the table for example, while if you have absolutely nothing but high card you would want to pull the bet.
The final community card is turned over. You are unable to pull back the ante bet or any remaining bets on the table at this stage. At this point your cards are turned up to the dealer. The dealer will take any bets on the table if you lost, and payout any bets if you win. And that’s all there is to it – that’s how to play Let it Ride!

Let It Ride for Dummies Printable Version:

Below is the printable version of our Let It Ride for Dummies Guide. You are allowed to use this in live casinos, so it’s great to take if you’re playing Let It Ride for the first time, or need a refresher of the rules. It’s in grayscale format, and simply click the thumbnail to see the full image:

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