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How Do You Play Craps?

Before you even begin to play Craps in the likes of Las Vegas or Atlantic City, be sure to head on over to Bovada and practice online first. Craps is one of the funnest games to play in a live casino, however it’s also the game with the fastest pace, and can be VERY overwhelming to begin with.

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Thankfully, when you break it down Craps is a simple game to play. Here’s a Craps game in action:

craps game how do you play

Craps is of course a game that accommodates multiple players and really – that’s the only way you should ever play Craps. Solitary Craps is well – rather sad. One of the participants in the game is known as the “shooter”, who is responsible for rolling the dice. We’ll get to that role in a second.

Here is a Craps table betting layout:

craps betting table layout

Like the majority of casino games, Craps follows the standard rules. You bet on the outcome of an event. The event occurs, in this case the rolling of the dice. If you were correct then you win money, and if you were wrong then you lose money.

Okay, so the “shooter” is the one that rolls the dice, and we’ll discuss that first. The shooter will usually be offered the choice of two dice out of five. Each player at the table gets a turn at throwing said dice. When you are the shooter and throwing the dice, you must use only one hand to roll or throw the dice, and you must throw them at the opposite end of the table, against the back wall.

The shooters first roll is known as the come-out roll. If a seven or eleven comes up, the shooter wins. If it’s a two, three or twelve then the shooter loses, and the next player takes over as the shooter. If the dice total any other number, then this is known as the “point”. The shooter will continue to roll until either he throws his point again and wins, or he throws a seven and loses.

Now what about Craps betting? Well we have a full Craps Betting Guide for you to read. However for your first time at the Craps table, stick to Pass Bets. You can get into all the other type of bets eventually, but for a beginner Craps player, Pass bets are the most simple bet to do. You are betting that the shooter will pass, which means they will make their point.

Pass bets are great because not only are they simple, but they offer a very small house advantage at 1.4. So it is a great way to get started with Craps without losing all your money.

This may all sound confusing, but it’s easy, really. Head on over to the tables at Bovada and check it out. You can play for free.

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    Additional Craps for Dummies Questions:

    Can you give an example of a Craps game?

    Sure. Here’s a quick log of a Craps game I recently played. I wasn’t the shooter. I bet on pass line bets at all times in this situation. So the shooters first roll, the come-out roll, was a seven. As I bet the pass line, I won on this roll while anyone who bet don’t pass loses.

    The next roll, the shooter throws a five. The dealers then marked the five box on the Craps betting table layout. This of course means that the “point” is five. Now the shooter rolls the dice until he throws either a five, or a seven. If he threw a seven then I would lose my bet, while I would win if he threw a five. No other numbers affect pass line or don’t pass bets.

    So the shooter rolled the dice some more, and unfortunately he hit a seven. I lost my pass line bet, and the shooter is then no longer the shooter, and someone else gets a chance at the dice.

    That’s it when it comes to Craps. Of course there’s a variety of other betting, many of which really spice up a craps game. Read our Craps Betting Guide which covers everything related to Craps Betting.

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