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What payment methods to use at online casinos?

Upon signing up at an online casino, the first thing that online casinos do is prompt you to make a deposit. Then they will provide you with a list of deposit options you can make at that online casino.

Each online casino will be different, and it will also depend on your country. Some online casinos accept credit cards and debit cards. Others accept cryptocurrency. Then there are a few online casinos, again dependent on your country, that can accept Paypal.

Most casinos will have over 15 casino payment methods to choose from. Is there any advantage to choosing one deposit option over another?

In a word: Yes.

First – one thing you should look at is the bonuses currently on offer at a casino. A lot of online casinos are promoting cryptocurrency these days and will reward you with a deposit bonus for your first deposit with Bitcoin, or another coin.

However, that doesn’t mean your first deposit should be with bitcoin – far from it. Instead, you should choose another deposit method to claim your initial deposit bonus. Once you have cleared the wagering requirements for that, you would then go with the cryptocurrency deposit and claim the bonus for that.

It is very rare that bonuses like that stack, which is why it is highly recommended that you read through each bonus first, and determine the best options to deposit with.

Popular Deposit Options

Here are some of the most popular options for depositing at online casinos and some notes about them:

Credit Card:Paypal: Probably the easiest method to deposit at an online casino, and if it is permitted in your country and available at the online casino that you wish to play at, then I would go with that. You really don’t have to use any fees, and withdrawals are always made promptly. As long as you aren’t in a rush, you can withdraw for free to your bank account. You also have the additional security of Paypal if something goes wrong with your transaction.

Skrill: Skrill is an e-wallet similar to Paypal, and is another great method to use. Unfortunately, it’s not found at a lot of online casinos, and they have higher fees than normal. They also have country-specific rules in regard to gambling so be sure to check that before using this.

Cryptocurrency: It can be nerve-wracking making a deposit with cryptocurrency if you haven’t made one before. Getting the wallet address correct etc. Once you have made a few though, you’ll become more comfortable with it. It’s fast, and fees are practically nothing.

The only thing I would warn you about is if you are paying with bitcoin or another coin is to make the deposit only at a reputable online casino that happens to also list Bitcoin as a deposit method. I personally don’t trust pure cryptocurrency casinos that much as they are usually completely unregulated.

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