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How do Caribbean Stud Progressive Jackpots work?

The progressive jackpot at the Caribbean Stud table is a thing of beauty. I’ve heard stories of people winning $50,000 or $100,000 playing Caribbean Stud online and instantly making a huge difference in their lives. I know for a fact the person who won $100,000 cleared what was left of their mortgage and then went on the holiday of a lifetime with their family. But how does the progressive jackpot work at Caribbean Stud?

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First of all, before each hand of Caribbean Stud, you have the option to play the progressive jackpot or not. Since we always want to hit it big, we always play the progressive jackpot. So we click on the progressive jackpot icon and it puts a $1 bet on winning the progressive jackpot. A percentage of that $1 then goes into the progressive jackpot fund should that hand not win. Of course, if it does win, you win the progressive jackpot. In a live casino, players must drop their chip into a slot to activate the progressive jackpot bet.

So, you can see how the progressive jackpot builds up quickly at Caribbean Stud, because everyone wants to win the progressive jackpot, so everyone will play it. With so many people contributing to the progressive jackpot 24/7, the money keeps on building and building until someone wins it.

But how do you win the progressive jackpot playing Caribbean Stud? Well, first of all you have to be in it to win it, as the saying goes. So you have to have put your $1 down on the progressive jackpot bet, then you need to have the hand that wins the progressive jackpot. To win the full progressive jackpot, players must hit a Royal Flush. So, if the meter reads $55,000 when the player hits a Royal Flush, the player wins the full $55,000. If more than one player hits a Royal Flush, the jackpot is split equally between the players.

However, it’s not only a Royal Flush that can win some of the progressive jackpot when playing Caribbean Stud, which is why it’s such a popular bet when playing the game. Most casinos pay out 10% of the progressive jackpot if the player hits a straight flush. So, again, if there were $55,000 on the jackpot meter, a player would win $5,500 for being dealt a straight flush. Four-of-a-kind, a full house and a flush also pay out bonus amounts should they be hit playing Caribbean stud poker and the payout tends to vary between casinos.

You should remember that if you hit a Royal Flush, but you have not bet on the progressive jackpot, all you win is the 100-1 odds on your bet. So, if you’ve staked a total of $1, all you will win is $100. Compare that to $55,000 and playing the progressive jackpot is a no-brainer.

So, while the progressive jackpot might not be a +EV bet, where else would you be able to win a huge amount of money for $1 in just one hand? Sure, you can sit and grind playing perfect blackjack strategy, but you’d be playing a long, long, long time before you ever hit a six-figure win starting from $1. And if you do win the progressive jackpot playing Caribbean Stud Poker, remember to tell us all about it and what you intend to spend your winnings on.

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