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Caribbean Stud Terminology/Definitions

Unlike other poker games such as Holdem Poker where the players play against each other, participants in Caribbean stud poker play against the house or the dealer. Like any other game, Caribbean stud poker has its own terminologies. In order to be an expert and remain competitive, it is important to understand the meaning of Caribbean stud terminologies that are used when playing the game. They are very simple terms and closely related to casino and poker terminologies. Whether you are a beginner or regular player of Caribbean player, understanding the following terminologies will make you competitive and win as many games as you desire.

Caribbean Stud Terminology:

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Acer King: Refers to a high card, hand rank. It is also the dealer’s lowest hand rank he/she can ever play with. With Acer king high, one can make for instance x-x-x with your five cards.

Ante: It’s a term used to refer to the initial bet the player is placing against the dealer. Ante is placed on the table on the encircled area.

Bankroll: This is the total amount the player is intending to bet with or the money set aside to support his/her gambling activity. A player should carefully manage his/her bankroll rather than betting it on one beat.

Beef: It is a problematic situation involving a bet. It is a claim involving a player and a dealer.

Bet: Also referred to as raise option. When on places the ante, the dealer deals the hand and you have an option to bet or fold and this declares who have won the hand. Bet is usually double the Ante.

Chips: This is where your cash is substituted with chips and brought to the table. The action is significant in that the betting process is simplified and one is able to manage his/her cash easily. The chips are the divided into portions so that one can bet specific amounts.

Deal: A deal is made when the dealer distributes the five cards to every participant and also deal him/herself with 5 cards; four cards facing down while the one card facing up. Hand betting proceeds the deal.

Flush: Occurs where one is dealt five cards with similar suit, for instance, 4h-3h-2h-Ah

Fold: Refers to abandoning the poker hand. A player declines the bet and drops out of the hand. One can as well fold whenever he/she feels that got a stronger hand. After one folds, a new card can begin.

Four of kind: The hand rank occurs when a is issued for similar cards by the dealer, for example, k-k-k-k-x.

Full House (BOAT): Term used to refer to a hand rank where the player is given three similar cards out of five.

Mechanic: A dealer who cheats.

One pair: Occurs when one can make a pair from the five cards issued by the dealer.

Pit boss: The term is used to refer to a supervisor who oversees the gaming area. He normally supervises more than one table at a time.

Progressive betting: Applied to many games where the bet amount is systematically changed; decremented or incremented by use of a predetermined formula. For Caribbean stud poker, 1$ side bet is paid out depending on hand rank not forgetting the casino rules. Cash from progressive betting goes is added to progressive jackpot that is paid out to the player who luckily managed to get a royal flush

Progressive Jackpot: It is the total amount resulting from progressive betting on Caribbean stud table. Normally a 100% of jackpot is issued to a player who successfully manages a royal flush . Also,a player whose deal is a straight flush is paid 10% of the progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpot accumulate to thousands before a player is lucky enough to hit the magic hand.

Royal flush: This is excellent hand in Caribbean stud poker. It is composed of the straight flush with the highest value.

Straight: Straight is a term used to describe a situation whereby, the five cards dealt t can be combined in a chronologically, for instance, 2-3-4-5.

Straight flush: A hand rank with combination of straight and flush; 2j-3j-4j-5j-6h.

Tapping out: Tapping out occurs when a player loses the entire bankroll and cannot continue playing.

Two pair: For a two pair one can make two pairs out his/her five cards dealt, for instance,5-5-5-x

Up card: Term used to refer to the card that faces up among the five dealt. It gives players information about his/her hand.

Caribbean stud is a game of fun and pleasure. It is one of the most popular online casino based games. Beginners are highly recommended to practice through free games available at online casinos before attempting the real game. Clear understanding of Caribbean stud rules, strategies and tips will enable you win as many games as you desire.

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