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$10k EPL Betting Challenge Blog

Welcome to the $10k EPL Betting Challenge between me(Dan) and my friend who goes under the nickname “Bookie Bill”.

If this is your first time here, here are our bios:

Dan: been betting semi-professionally and professionally since he was 14 years old. Would often skip school to spend the day at his local William Hill and bet on the horse racing. As he got older he spent his time studying a wide variety of sports, and now bets and tips professionally for the likes of NBA, NHL, WNBA & NFL as well as all the popular UK sports. Nary a day goes by without Dan having a bet on at least one sporting event.

And on the other side of the ring we have…

Bookie Bill: William, or “Bookie Bill” as he’s known to many, is a former high street bookmaker who has spent his years watching the saps and squares blow their unemployment payments on a weekly basis. He’s watched the money go in and never come out, and he’s confident that this experience allows him to see where the best value is when it comes to football, as well as follow the flow of the money, and know the best bets to make.

The Challenge: The challenge is simple. Each week Dan and Bill will provide tips for the English Premier League, alternating on a weekly basis for the most part. All our tips and results will be logged in the blog, and at the end of the season the loser has to fork over $11,000 to the winner. $10,000 goes to the winner, and $1,000 goes to the winners charity of choice.

Dan is playing for the Yorkhill Children’s Foundation and Bill is playing for the Newcastle Deaf Centre.

You can follow all the action and the tips each week, in the Gambling Blog. You can also keep updated via RSS Feed or e-mail subscription.

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