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Play By E-Mail Poker Tournament 1: Day 2

Day 2 of our poker tournament and there was a lot of very interesting hands!

Let’s get right to them.

Hand 3:

sublyme(1588): :6h::5h:
EngineerSean(1446): :as::jd:
Sheep-Goats(1500): :7c::10s:
Spasms(1500): : :8d::5d:
Regular_John(1530): :qd::4d:
13/f/cali(1436): :ad::6s:

EngineerSean posts small blind 10
Sheep-Goats posts big blind 20
Spasms raises to 40
Regular_John folds
13/f/cali folds
sublyme calls 40
EngineerSean raises to 199
Sheep-Goats times out and folds
sublyme folds
EngineerSean wins the pot.

Rabbit Cam: :qh::8h::2s::3c::4c:

Hand 4:

sublyme(1548): :9c::8d:
EngineerSean(1546): ::5h::2d:
Sheep-Goats(1480): :kc::4h:
Spasms(1460): : :kd::2c:
Regular_John(1530): :10d::4d:
13/f/cali(1436): :ad::qd:

Sheep-Goats posts the small blind of 10
Spasms posts the big blind of 20
Regular John folds
13/f/cali raises to 59
Sublyme folds
EngineerSean folds
Sheep-Goats folds

13/f/cali wins the pot.

Rabbit Cam: :5d::8s::10h::2s::5s:

Hand 5

sublyme(1548): :7s::10h:
EngineerSean(1546): : :6h::2s:
Sheep-Goats(1470): :3c::qs:
Spasms(1440): :kc::9d:
Regular_John(1530): :4c::5s:
13/f/cali(1466): : :5c::qd:

Spasms posts the small blind of 10
Regular_John posts the big blind of 20
13/f/cali folds
sublyme folds
Engineer Sean folds
Sheep-Goats raises to 40
Spasms folds
Regular_John calls

Pot: 90

Flop: :5h::8d::ah:

Regular_john puts on his shades. And stares at his opponent as the flop comes out. “Give me something buddy” he thinks. “just a little something”. As the ace is revealed, he notices his opponent swallow. “There it is” he smugly thinks to himself.
Regular_John checks.
Sheep_Goats has an unholy love of sugared pecans and bets 50.
Regular_John folds his “pocket kings”.

Rabbit Cam: :9c: :ad:

Hand 6

sublyme(1548): :4s::2h:
EngineerSean(1546): : :8s::9s:
Sheep-Goats(1520): ::kd::ah:
Spasms(1430): : :9d::3s:
Regular_John(1490): :7c::qs:
13/f/cali(1466): : :kc::kh:

Regular_John posts small blind of 10
13/f/cali posts big blind of 20
sublyme folds
EngineerSean raises to 57
Sheep-Goats reraises to 120
Spasms folds
Regular_John folds
13/f/cali reraises to 404
EngineerSean folds
Sheep-Goats goes all-in
13/f/cali calls

Pot: 2999

Flop: :9s::5h::2d:

Turn: :9h:

River: :3c:

13/f/cali wins the pot.

Current Chip Stacks:

1st:13/f/cali: 2999
2nd: sublyme: 1548
3rd: EngineerSean: 1489
4th: Spasms: 1430
5th: Regular_John: 1480
6th: Sheep-Goats 54

Be responsible when gambling.

Don't gamble what you can't afford to lose. Know that it should be just for fun and the house always wins.

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In 1953, the novel Casino Royale was first published. In 1972, professional poker player and 2001 WSOP Main Event champion Carlos Mortensen was born. In 2008, controversial celebrity poker player Brandi Hawbaker committed suicide. In 2011, Online Gambling was legalized in Washington D.C.

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