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Can You Play Progressive Jackpot Blackjack Online?

Progressive Jackpot Blackjack is a relatively new game when it comes to the history of casino games. With blackjack having been played for hundreds of years, it was only in the 20th century that casinos started to offer this traditional game with more of a twist, to entice old and new players to the tables. And now, like the traditional game, Progressive Jackpot Blackjack is being offered in many live casinos as well as most of the big online casino operators out there. So you can certainly play Progressive Jackpot Blackjack online, but it is important to narrow down your options before you hunt through every single online casino – it can be such a waste of time hunting for a casino you like the look of, only to find out that it does not offer the one game you want to play, which in this case would be Progressive Jackpot Blackjack.

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One of the main casino platforms is the Playtech platform, and the Playtech software is one of the biggest Progressive Jackpot Blackjack games out there. Because there is so much traffic across Playtech casinos, the progressive jackpot goes up much more quickly than the progressive jackpots on smaller casino platforms. William Hill Casino is one of the casinos on the Playtech platform that offers their distinct Progressive Jackpot Blackjack game, and the great software they use means that playing there is a treat. Of course, winning the progressive jackpot is not easy, and that is why it can get to such large sums. In the case of William Hill Casino, the progressive jackpot is focused on the Aces in the deck. Once you place your side bet on the progressive jackpot mark, you are eligible for any bonus payouts – it is not just the progressive jackpot that will payout, but smaller payouts. You will get the smallest payout if you get dealt two unsuited Aces as your first two cards. If the Aces are suited, your payout is bigger. If your first three cards are unsuited Aces, the payout again goes up, and if those Aces are suited, it’s great still. The main payout is a doozy, and if you are fortunate enough to be dealt 4 consecutive suited Aces, that progressive jackpot is yours. Yes, it sounds difficult, but a large six-figure payout makes it worth playing for such a small investment.

Microgaming is another casino platform that offers Progressive Jackpot Blackjack, and while Playtech focused on the highest card in the deck, Microgaming casinos are more focused on the 7 of Diamonds, and sevens in general. If you play Progressive Jackpot Blackjack at 32Red Casino, for example, you will be given the choice of a side bet, which qualifies you for the progressive jackpot. Like other casinos, the side bet is not only won by getting the jackpot hand, there are other hands that will payout should you be fortunate enough to hit them. In this game, your side bet will payout if your first card is a 7. If it is the 7 of Diamonds, you get a bit more. If your first two cards as sevens, the payout goes up. Two 7 of Diamonds and you get even more. 7 unsuited Aces is the next stop on the pay ladder. The final and biggest stop is getting three 7 of Diamonds as your first three cards dealt – if you hit that, you get the progressive jackpot and all the bragging rights, of course. With 5 decks used, you need to get 60% of the 7 of Diamonds available. Again, it is difficult, but with the lower payouts on offer for side bet players, those wins can keep you ticking over until you hit the big one.

There are, of course, other online casinos out there that offer Progressive Jackpot Blackjack, as well as many live casinos, and it is all about finding the game that you enjoy the most. If you are not enjoying playing the actual blackjack game, there is no point sitting there wasting your time because you want to hit the progressive jackpot. Just move on to another casino that you enjoy playing at, because the chances are that they offer Progressive Jackpot Blackjack, too.

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