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What Is Oscar’s Grind Betting Strategy?

Oscar’s Grind is a betting strategy when it comes to playing at casinos and is most commonly used while playing the game of craps, although can be adapted for virtually every other casino game, online or offline. For the purposes of this article, we’ll use Oscar’s Grind on roulette, betting on red or black.

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Oscar’s Grind is a proportional betting system designed to generate lots of small wins and few large losses and this is how it works.

The core rule of Oscar’s Grind is to win 1 unit per each progression that is run. That is why it’s called Oscar’s Grind, as you’ll be grinding out small wins through each progression.

First off, you have to decide how much you’re willing to lose and how much you’re looking to win at the end of your session. It’s always important when implementing a betting system to decide these factors, as it means you’ll know when to quit when you’re ahead and you can also make sure you limit your losses. You also have to decide how much a unit is and this all depends on your bankroll. For this article, we’ll say each unit is worth $1 as it’s easier to demonstrate the progression this way.

So, the first bet in each progression is always 1 unit ($1). If that bet wins, that progression is over and you start again from scratch.

However, if bet 1 loses, this is where Oscar’s Grind’s progression element comes into play. First off, it should be noted that each bet should always only ever be just large enough to gain 1 unit of profit.

So, bet 1 has lost and according to Oscar’s Grind, the bet stays the same. A losing bet means the bet stays the same as the last bet, so bet 2 is still $1. Again, if bet 2 loses, we stay at $1. However, if bet 2 wins, we move the bet up 1 unit. Let’s say bet 2 loses, as does bet 3. So now we’re down $3. However, bet 4 wins, so we’re down $2 now. According to Oscar’s Grind, we now bet 2 units, which is $2. Bet 5 is $2 and this wins, so we’re back to level. Bet 6, however, won’t be $3, it will be $1, as Oscar’s Grind states we only ever want to win $1 from each progression. So, back to $1 and we start all over again, win or lose.

If you want to try this out, you can check out our Roulette Flash Game, or you can head over to Bovada and try it out on their play money tables to get the hang of this system, which does take a bit of getting used to.

The man who created Oscar’s Grind claims he never had a losing session and, while this might be true, it doesn’t ring true for this system. This, like all systems, relies on a player going on a good run of wins and avoiding a bad run. Even if a player wins 49.99% of hands (which, over the long run, is highly unlikely), they will still lose using this system, in part because there will be times when the system reaches the table limits. Much like the Martingale System, you will eventually need to start playing at very high roller tables to even get your bet taken and you’ll end up wagering a lot simply to win one unit, or even just to try and claw back some loss.

Like all betting systems, it’s not going to make you a millionaire. It should be used for recreational purposes, a bit of fun like gambling should be, as if you start playing at limits way above your comfort zone, you’re going to get into trouble and we definitely don’t want that to happen. It definitely is one of the more fun systems out there, but you are grinding it out for small wins and it isn’t for everyone. Still, try it out for fun and see if it’s for you.

Additional Questions:

What Is The History of Oscar’s Grind?

The man this system was named after was, obviously called Oscar. He was a famous craps player in the ’50s and ’60s and this system was designed by him to get small wins at the craps table while minimizing the losses he suffered. He claimed never to have had a losing session, even if it was only a 1 unit win for him. He had basically tinkered with other forms of progressive betting until he found the perfect one for him.

Will Casinos Let Me Use Oscar’s Grind?

Well, the system was invented in a casino over 60 years ago and is still being used by players to this day, so there is no reason for a casino, online or offline to ask you to leave for using it. Have you ever heard of a casino being taken down by Oscar’s Grind, or any other betting system, for that matter? Knock yourself out trying Oscar’s Grind, the casino will love you and you will be all the richer for the experience. Remember, though, to try it out using our Flash games before you decide to take it to the real money tables.

Can I Use Oscar’s Grind Betting System The Dozens In Roulette?

Yes, I don’t see why not. However, what must be remembered is that loses will be harder to recoup if you go on a losing run. First, remember that each progression only needs to win 1 unit before you stop. So, if you’ve covered the first two dozens and it hits first time, start again. However, let’s say the first 3 bets lose, as 36 comes up three times in a row. We’re now down 6 units already. However, if the next bet wins, we are down 5 units and we bump the next bet up to 2 units on each dozen. We win again, we are down 3 units and the next bet is 3 units on each dozen. Then, if that wins, we can go back to 1 units bets on each dozen. You could start with 0.5 of a unit on each dozen, but the idea of the system is that if you win on your first bet, you can start a new progression. But the beauty of the system is that you can tailor the size of the units at the start to suit your need, as long as it doesn’t mean you go over a 1 unit win at any time.

Basically, as long as you stick to the basic rules of the system, it can be adapted to any casino game.

Why would my losses be harder to recoup? Betting on 2 dozens gives you 66.7% chance of winning, so winning streaks are more frequent. Wouldn’t the Oscar’s Grinds Betting System thrive under these conditions?

While it is true that your losing streaks should be less/shorter and your winning streaks longer, these losing streaks will cost you more while the winning streaks win you exactly the same. You have a losing streak of two bets straight away, you lose 4 units as opposed to 2. So, to get your 1 unit profit, you have to win 3 spins in a row on on both, but you risk more backing the dozens, twice as much, instead of backing red/black and one losing spin in this sequence then costs you twice as much, meaning the loses are harder to recoup, because they build up a lot faster in a shorter period. Yes, your 1 unit wins are more likely and loses less likely, but a losing streak of 3+ and things start getting difficult to claw back and if you start a winning run, you’re risking more and more and a loss will hurt even more.

Let’s have a look at a bad run: LLWLLWWLLWL

First we’ll use red/black. That sequence has you -3 units at the end of it. Betting the dozens, you’re -23 units.

That’s what I was implying when I said losses would be harder to recoup, as just a couple of loses can make it a lot harder to get there. Good runs are going to be more frequent, but bad runs will have you in the poor house a lot quicker. Even if you change it to LLWLLWWWLWL, you actually stop the sequence 8 bets in betting red/black with a 1 unit win. Betting the dozens, you’re -13 units and you need 3 winning spins in a row to end the progression.

I won’t argue the statistics say that winning is more likely, however, a losing sequence costs you more, even though you’re only 16.67% more likely to hit than on red/black. What I would suggest is spending a bit of time experimenting at the play money tables at Bovada and trying the system out. If you enjoy using it, I wouldn’t put you off. However, like all systems, it isn’t going to beat the casino and I would advise that all systems are used purely for fun.

I hope I’ve cleared up my thinking behind it. What I will say is that I don’t like systems where I’m betting more and more to get myself out of a hole, as it can easily end in tears.

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