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What Is Casino Cashback?

With so many online casinos out there, one thing they are all striving to do is differentiate themselves from the pack.

Many do that via special deposit bonuses or rewards programs. Others will offer you free spins, bonus giveaways, and special progressive jackpots.

While you don’t see it as often, one great promotion offered by online casinos is casino cashback.

One such casino that offers casino cashback is Olybet Casino, and it is part of their regular promotion.

Some online casinos will do a cashback deal on a short-term basis, but Olybet Casino offers it quite often and it makes Olybet a great place to play slots at.

I’ll be using Olybet as an example of how the casino cashback works. Many online casinos will have different rules and setups in regard to the promotion, but as one of the only online casinos to offer it on a regular basis, they are a good one to use as a guideline.

So how their current casino cashback works is very simple – you play slot machines, and you get 2% cashback. They have a rule in regard to this where you can only get a maximum of 300 euros per day.

So to optimize your play and return, be sure to monitor how much you have wagered and not go over 300 euros. 2% of 10,000 Euros is what equals 300 Euros.

This particular promotion that I am analyzing is celebrating the end of 2021. You can play the most popular 15 slot machines from the year 2022 at their website, and get 2% cashback on it.

This includes slot machines such as Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah, Divine Fortune, and Legacy of Dead.

The online casinos when doing cashback will normally have rules in regards to how much you have to wager. To qualify for cashback during this promotion, it is a 50 Euro amount. That means you have to wager 50 euros on slot machines, win or lose. So if you do 25 spins at 2 euros, you will get 2% cashback on that which is 1 Euro.

One thing to pay attention to is when the cashback times actually apply. For example on this one, it is 4pm. So it’s not always an all-day event.

You must also actually activate the promotion. Also while being part of the cashback promotion, the bets you are making won’t actually factor in regard to loyalty points or bonus clearing.

So that’s something to pay attention to – if you are more focused on clearing a bonus at the casino, you may not wish to accept the cashback offer.

These promotions are generally best to be taken advantage of when you aren’t actually clearing a bonus. It’s also worth checking out the loyalty program offered and deciding whether or not the value of the cashback is worth more than the points earned in any loyalty program.

I should also note that Olybet actually goes a step further with this – anyone who qualifies for cashback actually gets into a raffle where there is a 200 euro prize for 10 people which is something worth factoring in.

Additional Casino Cashback Questions:

How do you get paid the casino cashback?

It depends on the online casino. In regard to Olybet, they pay the next business day straight into your account. When you earn on weekends, you won’t receive the money until Monday.

Is casino cashback worth it?

This depends on the online casino and the user. Most terms and conditions will state that you cannot clear a bonus or earn loyalty points while earning cashback. So it is recommended that you do the math and determine if it is worth it for you. Depending on the loyalty program and your status within it – it may not be worth it.

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