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The 7 Best Casino Games for Beginners

The 7 Best Casino Games for Beginners

Gambling is intimidating to the first-time participant. That is why the specialists at CasinobonusCA provide and explain the best beginner-friendly casino games.

You will find the most approachable activities, as well as the games in which you are almost certain to win. Once you learn these basics, you can enter any casino venue or access gambling sites with maximum confidence.


Slot machines are trademarks of any gambling venue or site and with good reason. Their popularity in and outside the casino has been skyrocketing for a while.

More than being a frequent choice, slots are incredibly beginner-friendly casino games. You essentially select your bet and let the machine do the rest of the job.

A slot’s simplicity also reduces your relevant input. In a sense, slots are incredibly random and not as skill-based as other games. However, one choice will affect your chances of a payout.

The Return to Player Rate

Each slot has a set Return to Player rate that dictates how much of your total wagered amount of funds you will recover in the long run. This is a theoretical result. Thus, you can get luckier than it implies, but, on average, the RTP percentage is how much you recover.

A good slot machine will have an RTP rate of over 97%. The best online slots will have an RTP rate of 99%.

Video Poker

How can anything related to poker be one of the viable casino games for beginners? Well, video poker is wholly different.

The game resembles slots more than the table game it shares its name with. One thing that it takes from the latter is the basic functionality.

How it Works

You essentially simulate a poker draw. A random number generator creates a series of cards for you. The games are passed on five-card draw poker. Once you get five cards, you can discard one or more.

The machine will possibly return a payout based on your hand following the second draw. You also have a paytable that describes the returns for different hand combinations.

Why Video Poker is Great

In functionality, video poker is more resembling slots, with extra steps. Granted, you need to learn poker hands and payouts, but, given the presence of the paytable, all is explained.

More than being good casino games for beginners, video poker machines are guides to the more complex world of multiplayer poker.


Yes, the roulette wheel and betting table couldn’t have looked more confusing if they tried. But, once you lift the veil of perplexity off your eyes, you will see the roulette for what it is – one of the best casino games for beginners.

The Dreaded Wheel

First of all, the wheel itself should be demystified. It does nothing more than generate evenly distributed probabilities for the spots. In other words, each of the 37 ( or 38 for American roulette) has the same chances to come up in the next hit.

This fact also means that you cannot correlate future outcomes with past hits. This is good news for beginners, as one does not need to think up complex multiple-round spanning strategies.

The Betting Table

With its numerous and obscure sounding betting variations, how can roulette be one of the best casino games for beginners?

It becomes evident once you break down what these betting options amount to. Their names or effective layouts do not matter. All you need to consider is the number of spots covered since each of them has the same odds of being the next hit. With this approach, you can reduce the betting table layouts to a few groups with the same odds.

How to Bet for Beginners?

Effectively, you can bet from one up to 18 spots at once. Your chances to win are dictated by the number of covered spots, divided by the number of total spots.

There is no way to enhance your chances. Thus, the best odds for your play are attained by betting on 18 spots, i.e., the outside bets splitting the table in half. Then, you have 18/37 (or 18/38) chances of winning or almost 50%.

The added zero not included in either of these bets reduces the odds by about 1.4%. Its addition generates the house edge or the profit a casino expects from a table game.

Why doesn’t everyone place outside bets, then, you ask yourself. While they have the best odds, casinos made sure to counterbalance them with the lowest bet payout, 1 to 1.

One more quick tip: never go for American roulette. The more zero spots, the worse for you. Plus, the  En Prison and La Partage rules only heighten your odds.

Sic Bo

The game is known under many names. Nonetheless, Sic Bo is a dice game with which you can easily get familiar, especially since you know roulette basics.

Even though it is played with dice and does not involve a wheel, the background process is the same. The underlying odds for betting options are very similar to those encountered in roulette.

Recommended Bets

Given these facts, you should wager on the equivalent of table splitting outside bets. These are the high, low, even, and odd bets.

They all have 48.61% chances of succeeding, with a 1 to 1 payout. Thus, they generate a 2.78% house edge, which comes close to the casino advantage in American roulette games.

Should You Stick to One Wager?

It really does not matter if you stick to evens or alternate. Since the outcomes are completely random, the next result coming up as even or odd is just as likely.

The same goes for high and low bets. Essentially, you can change from one to another or stick to one wager and theoretically get the same number of winning rounds.


Baccarat is one of the best card-based casino games for beginners that you can play. There are some confusing aspects, but the system is simple.

How it Works

Baccarat is a card-comparing bank game. In normal speak, you play against a dealer, and your two hands get compared to finalize a round. Essentially, the hand that gets closer to 10 without equalling or going over it is the round winner.

Hand Values

All number cards have the value inscribed on them, except for the ten-card that amounts to zero, similar to face cards. Aces amount to one. Also, if a hand’s sum goes over 10, you subtract it from the total. A hand summing up to 13 actually amounts to 3.

Who Wins?

Yes, you have your hand, and the dealer has another. However, you are not competing to have the winning hand. This is good since the dealer’s drawing rules would put you at a considerable disadvantage.

Instead, you place your wager on which hand will come on top or if the round will result in a tie. However, this bet is generally poor and should be ignored for now.

Thus, you can bet on the banker’s hand winning, too. Not only that, but you should bet on the banker’s hand since it has the best odds.

Why is it a Good Casino Game for Beginners?

You do not need to know how and when to draw cards. The dealer will perform the draws according to standard rules. Thus, your only relevant decision is placing the wager.

Note that, just like in any other game, you are still at a disadvantage, but betting on the banker and letting the game unfold will give you the best odds.

Dragon Tiger

If you still believe that baccarat is oblique, Dragon Tiger comes as a further simplification.

The game also is a card comparing game played against a dealer. The player and banker bets turn into dragon and tiger. There still is a tie bet with a higher payout of 10 to 1.

Bets, Payouts & Card Values

In Dragon Tiger, solely one card is dealt for both sides, each having a 1 to 1 payout.

The hierarchy of values is the standard one, with the ace standing in for 1 and number cards having their standard values. Face cards are ranked as such: jacks, queens, with the best being the kings.

One more essential difference is that the house takes half of all dragon or tiger wagers in case of a tie.

Dragon Tiger does not provide better odds for gamblers. Still, it is one of the easier to play casino games for beginners.

Casino War

Casino War works in the same vein as Dragon Tiger. Still, the title is more recent and uses poker rules, similar to video poker machines.

Here, however, the ace remains the highest scoring card. Additionally, you do not bet on the dealer’s hand and actually must win with your own. One card is dealt to each side.

Tie Resolution

It would be a winner takes all game were it not for tie rules. When the hands are equal, you have two choices.

You either surrender half of your bet, just like in Dragon Tiger or go to war. In the latter case, you must double your stake. The dealer will discard three cards and give each side one more card.

Going to War & The Second Draw

You only get a 1 to 1 payout for your initial wager if you win the second round. However, if you win, you lose your double bet. You also have a side bet that pays 10 to 1 for ties.

House Edge

In general, both sides have a 46.3% chance of winning on the first draw when the game is played with six decks.

The emerging house edge that exceeds slightly 2% comes from the tie rules. Additionally, the more decks of cards in play, the worse your returns will be.

General Tips for Beginners

You know the best casino games for beginners and their basics. There still are some general guidelines you should account for.

Firstly, gambling most often is a losing game. You can win, of course, but all activities have been suited so that you lose. This process does not occur slowly but over time.

Follow the Facts

The best you can do is play in manners that heighten your chances as much as possible. In this case, you should only go by fact-based approaches.

Think of the implicit odds of each game and the decision within it. Then take the payouts into account. These two elements generate the two essential statistical characteristics for any gambling activity – the return to player rate and its reverse, the house edge. Always consider and consult these results.

Revise the Rules

You should know all the rules and inner workings of the game you choose. We have given you the basics. However, there always is room for further study. Remember, the best casino games for beginners are those that they know how to play.

Be Wary of Bets & Bankrolls

The area where you need to strategize the most is your bankroll usage. As a general rule of thumb, you should not bet more than 1% of your expendable funds at once.

However, you can study and create betting systems and variations that apply to multiple table games and activities. Here lies your real fighting chance.

Be responsible when gambling.

Don't gamble what you can't afford to lose. Know that it should be just for fun and the house always wins.

This site is for 18+ people only. If you are concerned that you or someone you know may have an addiction, please visit


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