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Video Poker: Using the Martingale Betting System

The origin of the Martingale system dates back to the time when gambling halls had gained popularity in the 18th century. This system can easily be applied to any casino game. But it is not frequently used for games such as blackjack and video poker. The reason behind this is that these games require skills and strategies to arrive at a position of net gain. One more reason is that these games have a maximum betting limit attached to them, and hence does not find its application in the Martingale system.

Video Poker

Video poker is a well-known and a very well-played game. It is played both in land and online. However, these are more popular in the online version. It was created by combining two games: poker and slots. The inventors took two of the best games of the industry to create video poker. As a result, this game requires the skills required for winning poker and the luck required playing slots. But this game has been varied a lot of times since its evolution. But all this while the basic structure of the game remained untouched. Video poker games can be found at every casino in the world. The variations are taking place mainly because of their popularity over the internet.

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Application of Martingale with Video Poker

At the first place, the martingale system looks like very lucrative. Each time the player doubles his bet, he knows that he might land up at a place of recovering all his losses sometime soon in the future. But sometimes the player keeps on playing without winning even once. At this point he reaches a stage of exponential loss. If the player if betting with a non-withdrawal cash, the martingale system might not work. If the player is betting with non-withdrawal cash, the martingale system at video poker might not work. The benefits of playing games such as video poker get reduced because some casinos have a limit upon the winning rates. The player in such a case does not get to completely benefit from the wins.

An Example

Now, let us consider an example where a player is trying to Martingale video poker, or in other words doubling his bet until a definite win. Martingale works here under two conditions: If the player has lots of cash and the caliber to keep doubling his stake to infinity. But practically seeing, these both conditions are not feasible in real life.

A = winning probability

B = Wager

C = the amount that is at stake when the player wins

We can say that if [ A*BUse with Different Betting Option

The first step that a player takes up is get money into the game. Three general ways of doing this is by inserting a note, coins or a special ticket containing a certain value. After this step, poker machines give the player options of betting between one and five coins. It is always suggested that one should play five coins per game.

It is said that there is a hard cap of 20,000 credits if one wants to double up on poker. As a result the player can’t just keep on doubling his bets. There is no feature of house edge in video poker martingale, unlike roulette martingale. In most casino machines there are five credit options. But it’s not true that the player will get better hands if he bets the maximum.

Use of Hands in the Game

With video poker games, each player has a unique payable with corresponding card value differences. The player can see on his gaming screen a button which says ‘See Pays’ through which he can review the payable. Now the player selects the game and base bet. The next step is to use the “Bet Up” or “Bet Down” buttons which selects a wager for first hand. The lower middle portion of the game screen will display the bet for that hand. After these buttons are used, red color will be seen highlighted in the applicable pay table.

The bet amount is removed from the player’s hand. 5 random cards are appeared on the payable. One thing to be noted here is that video poker does not have any buy-in. Each time there is a bet, money is deducted and each time there is a win, money is paid. The cards that the player wants to hold are selected by him which he keeps in his hands. The text ‘Held’ will be written on the card here. The clicks on the card will hold and un-hold them. The player has to click on the card that he wants to hold in his hand. The system will not tell the player which cards are good or which are bad. Now the player will have to click on each card if he wants to hold them.

In case the player wants to ‘draw’ now, he will lose all the cards that he has seen till now since these cards were not selected to be held. After all the cards are held, the player needs to click the “Draw” button which is placed on the bottom right hand side of the screen. The player keeps the held cards and replaces the un-held cards at random. At the end, the five cards the player has, becomes his final hand. This net value of the cards is compared to the payable and in case of any payout; the player gets the cash along with his chips. Players can click on single cards and drag them or use keys such as 1,2,3,4, and 5 to un-hold and hold cards.

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