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Max Damage Alien Attack

Max Damage Alien Attack: Introduction
Max Damage Alien Attack, which is officially called Max Damage and the Alien Attack, is a doomsday-themed and space travel-inspired Internet casino game developed by Microgaming Software Systems. The genre of this game is fantasy, whereas the game type is variously listed as 3D Slots, arcade game, and video slots. Max Damage Alien Attack is synonymous with the first generation of killer applications for gaming consoles, especially Space Invaders, a Japanese-made fixed shooter video game which was developed in the late 1970s.

Max Damage Alien Attack is named after Max Damage, the space gun-wielding and trigger-happy protagonist of the game. Max Damage Alien Attack, which is hailed as the first newly redesigned arcade game to grace the gaming industry, was originally released on September 1, 2012 but the Max Damage-branded online video slot went live and became available to Microgaming-associated online casino operators on November 5, 2014.

Max Damage Alien Attack: Game Review
Players can not only place stakes between $0.01 minimum and $2.00 maximum—the software prompts the players to select their preferred coin size, although placing bets necessitates downing the enemy spaceships—but this software can also support other currencies such as the British pound and euro.

Basically, Max Damage Alien Attack game players are mandated to shield the earth from an ongoing extraterrestrial alien attack by trying to shoot at numerous hostile earthbound alien spaceships. These spaceships, which materialize from a star-studded space and appear as large flying saucers, are of three types—light green-coloured, sky blue-coloured, and red. These varied spaceships have different objectives and appear progressively throughout the nine game levels. The red spaceships aside, the other two sets have a yet-to-be-determined objective. The red ones are the aliens’ space-bound warcraft and can move downwards, upwards, and sideways, unlike the other two types which can only move downwards.

The first game level is a walkover as the player only fights relatively slow unarmed spaceships. However, armed alien spaceships, which attempt to shoot at the player’s space gun, are introduced in game level two; the number of armed and fire-spitting spaceships increases progressively such that by the time the player reaches game level nine, the player is under a hail of bullets from multiple armed red warcraft.

The player is awarded Freebies, which come from the downed spaceships, and the freebies help the player successfully wipe out every spaceship in sight. Any hostile spaceship that passes the defence line costs a life, although extra lives and shields counter this; there are also advanced armoury such as laser-guided weapons.

The how-to guide is divided into three sections: “controls” section requires players to use “right” and “left” arrows to steer the space gun accordingly, and the spacebar is for firing; the “boosters” and “upgrades” give the player an upper hand during the battle. The “Auto Fire” icon lets the player look on as the automation process blasts the alien forces out of the space; alternatively, the player can aim and fire at the aliens one after another. The awards offered are 10,000 coins for downed spaceships, 40,000 coins for freebies collected, and a maximum of 90,000 coins for defeated Bosses. The highest possible award is 11,000 coins, which implies that a player can win a whopping $220,000 jackpot, based on the 20 coins maximum wager.

Max Damage Alien Attack is compatible with Windows Phone, Max OSX, and Linux operating system; it can also support mobile phones, desktop computers, and tablets—thanks to the Flash, JS, and HTML5 technology. Its excellent graphics and surrealistic layout feeds the player’s impression of an advanced, hostile alien civilization. There are bonus rounds and free spins. Unfortunately, the jackpot is non-progressive and there are no common features such as a multiplier, and wild and scatter symbols.

Max Damage Alien Attack: Strategy
Prior practice, especially using the free play mode, is necessary so as to overcome the levels that become progressively harder. Max Damage Alien Attack has a house edge of 3.29%, and its RTP is 96.71%.

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