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It Came From The Moon

The outer space in general—and the lunar surface in particular—is mysterious. Accordingly, it has inspired ‘there ought to be’ mentalities and, subsequently, it has brought myths in their train. Ordinarily, an unaccounted for otherworldly phenomenon might inspire a question this— where did it come from? A reply might be, “It came from the moon”. This casino game is modelled on such mentality.

Basically, It Came from the Moon is an alien-themed and high volatility Internet casino game, which uses gaming software developed by a Reading-based software developer called Realistic Games Limited. This game was initially released on December 20, 2012, despite the fact that it is relatively less popular and seems like a recent creation. In the context of game type, the developer has listed it under slots, wherein it has five reels and 20 win lines.

Even then, It Came from the Moon is an out-and-out pull tab game because its interface is fitted with four tabs along the far right side, which players pull in their quest for matching any of the six symbols therein. Stake sizes are evenly spread; players can bet a mere $0.25 but not more than $100.00. There are other $1.00 and under stake sizes ($0.50 and $0.75), $10.00 and lower ($2.00, $3.00, and $5.00), and $20.00 and $50.00 stakes.

It Came from the Moon: Game Review
In It Came from the Moon, symbols represent these payouts. The highest payout is X200 for the Wild images, aliens represent X20, the flying saucers represent X10, the Blue Moons offer X5, the Space Guns represent X2, and the ladies offer X1. Although the players get X200 maximum when they successfully match three Wild Symbols, Realistic Games Limited claims that a line bet can offer as much as X40,000.

It Came from the Moon uses both Flash and HTML5 technology, and the game can support various platforms ranging from desktop to tablet to mobile phones; it also supports 17 languages. The mainstream browsers supported by this game are Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Like other casino games from Realistic Games Limited, the Auto Play feature of It Came from the Moon is designed to support between 10 and 100 game rounds.

The graphics of It came from the Moon conjure up a possible scene in outer space, which is teeming with aliens and unidentified flying objects. The space invader, which activates the bonus round, and the space gun give It Came from the Moon a realistic feel. Unlike in a pull tab game such as Bee Fab whereby the wild symbol cannot appear more than once, the wild symbol in It Came from the Moon can appear twice, thereby increasing the player’s winnings fourfold.

On the flip side, there is no progressive jackpot. Furthermore, It Came from the Moon is more or less similar to other casino games from Realistic Games; for instance, a watchful player might view It Came from the Moon as a remake of Bee Fab.

It Came from the Moon: Strategy
According to Realistic Games, the return to player rate of It Came from the Moon is 95.76%. Strategies might fail to work with It Came from the Moon because people cannot control the predetermined results in pull tab games. However, online variants of pull tab games are better than traditional versions because the online variants can offer odds-related information.

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