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Dice Twister

Dice Twister is a rolling dice-themed Internet casino game from Playtech plc, a renowned game developer that is headquartered in Douglas, an eGaming hub in Isle of Man. Dice Twister, which lacks both reels and pay lines, is one of Playtech’s dice-branded games whereby other suchlike games include Roller Coaster Dice, Triple Dice, and Royal Dice. Dice Twister, which is listed as an arcade slot game and instant win, has been around since around mid-2000s, and online casino operators avail it to desktop platforms only. Dice Twister uses Flash technology. Generally, Dice Twister players aim at predicting the results of three dices, ranging from the dices’ numbering and total number of pips to similar sets of pips and high/mid/low placement.

Dice Twister: Game Review
A set of three red virtual dices, which are all six-sided and located at the central part of the screen, are used in Dice Twister. Ordinarily, the faces of the three dices have between one and six white pips. Using the cursor, which helps the players navigate Dice Twister easily, players click on either the “+” or “—“ buttons so as to set their stakes. The players then click on the “Spin” button, upon which the dices roll and players are notified accordingly—“You’ve won” or “Try again”. Players can simply press the “Rebet” button for subsequent game rounds.

The bet sizes of Dice Twister are $1 minimum bet, whereas the maximum bet is $100. Even then the betting range of Dice Twister is between $1 (if the player has staked the minimum bet of $1 on a single possible result) and $2600 (if the player has staked the maximum bet of $100 on all twenty-six possible results). The possible outcomes—and the payouts— in Dice Twister are divided into four sections: “Totals”, “Hi Mid Lo”, “Odd or Even”, and “1/2/3-of-a-kind”.

The “Totals” part has the following 14 possible outcomes and payouts: 4 pays X70, 5 pays X35, 6 pays X21, 7 pays X14, 8 pays X10, 9 pays X8.25, 10 pays X7.75, 11 pays X7.75, 12 pays X8.25, 13 pays X10, 14 pays X14, 15 pays X21, 16 pays X35, and 17 pays X70. The “Hi Mid Lo” section of Dice Twister has these three possible outcomes and payouts: Lo 3 to 8 offers X3.75, Mid 9 to 12 gives X2, and Hi 13 to 18 offers X3.75. The “Odd or Even” section has three possible results and payouts: three even numbered dices gives X7.75, three odd numbered dices give X7.75, and both even and odd numbered dices gives X1.25. The “1/2/3-of-a-kind” part offers X2 for one-of-a-kind, X3 for two-of-a-kind, and X15 for three-of-a-kind.

Dice Twister game history aside, extra features such as “Auto Play”, “Turbo”, “Bonus Rounds”, and “Multipliers” are alien. A progressive jackpot would have pimped Dice Twister. The graphics is a letdown, but it is understandable because the 20+ bet options have been used as a substitute for fancy graphics.

Dice Twister: Game Strategy
The RTP rate of Dice Twister is 97.22%. Based on the fair dice or discrete uniform distribution theories, the outcomes of all pips are equal, which means Dice Twister is a game of chance.

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