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Where can I Play at a 3D Casino?

Thanks to James Cameron and his movie Avatar, 3-Dimension is the new buzzword in entertainment. Not only do we have 3D movies, we also have 3D televisions, as well as 3D television programming. But, there is also something 3D going on in the world of online casinos.

888 Casino are the first big casino operator out there to launch a 3D casino and it really is a proper treat for casino players. Not only do they offer £800 in bonuses, but also it is a unique experience. Now, while it is not a 3D casino in the sense of the movies, it is more like a computer game. Instead of just clicking on icons to take you to your next game, you walk your avatar around the 3D casino, which is laid out just like an actual casino.

You start in 888 Casino’s lobby, where the cashier is located, so the 3D Casino is just like a real casino in this respect. Then, using the arrow keys, you walk around the 3D 888 Casino.

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Of course, if you cannot be bothered walking around the 3D casino, you can click on the game you want to go to in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. So, if you do get bored of the 3D features, you can use the software just like a traditional casino. Of course, I think it would be hard to bore of a 3D casino. Seriously, having tried the software over at 888 Casino, it was a lot more fun that just clicking on a game I want to play. I honestly think it is something that will continue to grow throughout the online casino industry.

Plus, you can customize your avatar, so it will be a 3D you walking around a 3D casino, gambling your 3D money.

At the time of writing this, the 3D casino is in beta testing, but it is something that 888 Casino are committed to and the amount of games on offer will no doubt increase over time, but the standard casino games are there for you to try out: slots, blackjack and roulette, as well as a high-rollers area.

Seriously, I love the idea of this, as a 3D casino is something new to the market. We’ve already got 3D poker, so it was only natural that a 3D casino was next and the guys at 888 Casino are already well established in the casino market, so this new piece of technology will help establish them at the head of the market. If you’re not sure, head on over, try it out and I promise you’ll be blown away by it.

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