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Mega Gold & Green Progressive Jackpot Slot

Mega Gold & Green is a 3-reel, 1-line classic slot machine, featuring a wild symbol, multipliers and a progressive jackpot. You can play the Mega Gold & Green progressive jackpot slot at Bovada.

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Mega Gold & Green Game Description

Mega Gold & Green has a gold and green colour scheme. Symbols on the Mega Gold & Green slot game are the Mega symbol, G&G symbol, Bar symbol, 5-Bar symbol and White, Red and Black Seven symbols. To change the view of the Mega Gold & Green slot machine, press the “Switch Machine” button. For a look at the Mega Gold & Green slot game, a screenshot has been provided below:

mega gold progressive jackpot slot

Mega Gold & Green Betting Options

The coin value on the Mega Gold & Green progressive jackpot slot is fixed at $0.50 per coin. You can play 1-2 coins per spin. Casino Answers recommends that you play the $1 maximum bet at all times to be eligible for the Mega Gold & Green Progressive Jackpot. To play Mega Gold & green, select your bet with “Bet One” and press the “Spin Reels” button. To play the maximum bet, use the “Play Max” button to spin the reels.

Mega Gold & Green Progressive Jackpot

Mega Gold and Green has a progressive jackpot that is currently sitting at $46,263.80 and rising steadily. You can win this progressive jackpot by landing 3 Mega symbols on the payline on a maximum bet spin. To play for the Mega Gold & Green Progressive Jackpot, sign up at Bovada!

Mega Gold & Green Top Fixed Payouts

The highest paying non-jackpot symbol on the Mega Gold & Green online slot is the G&G symbol. If you land 3 of these symbols on the payline, you will win 5000 coins. Another high paying symbol combination is a mix of 3 Mega and Gold & Green symbols, which will pay out 2000 coins on a 2-coin max bet spin.

Mega Gold & Green Special Features

If you land 1 Mega or G&G symbol on the payline with any two symbols, it will substitute in the winning combination and you will double your winnings. 2 Mega or G&G symbols will quadruple your winnings.

Mega Gold & Green Payout Schedule

There are 11 winning combinations on the Mega Gold & Green progressive jackpot slot machine. The complete payout schedule is as follows (1/2 coin payouts in parenthesis): any 3 symbols (2/4), any 3 Bar symbols (5/10), 3 Single Bar symbols (5/10), 3 5-Bar symbols (20/40), 3 of any Seven symbols (20/40), 3 White Seven symbols (40/80), 3 Black Seven symbols (100/200), 3 Red Seven symbols (200/500), any mix of 3 Mega/G&G symbols (1000/2000), 3 G&G symbols (2000/5000) and 3 Mega symbols (12,500/jackpot).

Mega Gold & Green Summary

Mega Gold and Green is an inexpensive, cheap progressive jackpot slot with some payouts that are far from cheap. Besides the mega progressive jackpot of nearly $50K, you can also win some pretty sweet fixed payouts as well. To play the Mega Gold & Green classic slot game, please visit Bovada!

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    Can USA players play the Mega Gold & Green progressive slot machine?

    No, players from the United States cannot play the Mega Gold & Green progressive jackpot slot. For a great selection of progressive jackpot slots USA players can play, please visit Bovada Casino.

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