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Book of Dead Slot

Some slot players are torn between ultra-modern and ancient themes, or have a taste for an old school game with a stylish touch. A combination of these contrasting aspects might be a rare preference, but Book of Dead fills the bill. Book of Dead, which was originally launched On January 14, 2016, is a slot game developed by Play’n GO. Other related ancient Egypt-themed slots from the developer include Legacy of Egypt and Leprechaun goes Egypt.

The name “Book of Dead” is borrowed from the game’s scatter symbol that doubles up as the wild symbol. Based on its concept, Book of Dead is seemingly a game adaptation of a similarly-named funerary text dating back to ancient Egypt. Book of Dead players aim at matching winning combinations in a way that corresponds with at least one of the ten pentominoes (geometry figures made of five cubes each) showed in the pay table.

How to Flip through the Book of Dead
Book of Dead is a five-reel game because its reels and rows are on a 5X3 grid. The following are the symbols used in Book of Dead. First, there are animals, ranging from a falcon emblem for god Horus to three upper bodies of Rich Wilde, a typical pharaoh, and a jackal’s head symbolizing god Anubis. Second, there are number 10, and letters A, K, Q, and J. Lastly, there is a golden virtual book. The ten pentominoes in the pay table are: three horizontal I-shapes (at the top, centre and bottom), V-shape and inverted V-shape, U-shape and inverted V-shape, Z-shape and reflected Z-shape, and an S-shape turned sideways.

When Book of Dead loads, sidestep the procedural notification concerning getting free spins by clicking “Continue”, click + or – buttons to set the coins and number of active lines, press the coin value icon progressively and accordingly, then click “Spin”. Book of Dead has ten adjustable pay lines, and its optional coin values are $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.04, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, and $1.00. Players can choose between one coin and five coins.

The minimum bet in Book of Dead is $0.01—using the lowest coin value on coin 1 and one active line. The maximum bet is $50.00—highest coin value and five coins with ten lines. These are the Book of Dead payouts for winning combinations with two, three, four and five animals or people, respectively. Two, three, four, and five Rich Wildes offer X10, X100, X1000, and X5000. Two, three, four, and five pharaohs offer X5, X40, X400, and X2000. Two, three, four, and five Anubis and falcon emblems both offer X5, X30, X100, and X750.

The Book of Dead payouts for three, four, and five As or Ks are X5, X40, and X150, respectively; three, four and five Qs, Js, and 10s offer X5, X25, and X100, respectively; and three, four and five scatter symbols give X2, X20, and X200, respectively. Furthermore, Book of Dead offers 250,000 coins non-progressive jackpot.

The Book of Dead software is ingenious and the sound is spot on. The Book of Dead has eye-catching graphics: its 3D graphics such as Rich Wilde and virtual book are photorealistic, while the juxtaposition in its 2D graphics such as the jackal-headed god Anubis is surrealistic.

Luck on Book of Dead
The RTP rate of Book of Dead, a game of chance, is 96.21% and the house edge is 3.79%.

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