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Ace of Spades Slot

Ace of Spades and Lucky Diamonds are among the several related slot games that Play’n GO released in April 2015. Although Play’n GO lacks another Ace-branded or Spades-branded twin online game, the Ace of Spades software is—symbols aside—notable for its near perfect similarity with many of the developer’s other games like Wild Melon and Lucky Diamonds.

The name “Ace of Spades” is a reference to the Ace (A) playing card, particularly featuring spades on its face. Its Ace card of spades-inspired brand logo doubles up as the multiplier. Ace of Spades players are offered payouts when one clover leaf, two clovers, or either three unique symbols (among them all letters JKQ-based permutations) or one-of-a-kind combinations are on the pay line.

Ace of Spades Game Characteristics
Ace of Spades’ 3X2 grid shows six symbols, which can trigger payouts in at least nine different ways, namely: a four-leaf clover; letters J, Q, and K; a golden crown; and the Ace of Spades logo. The starting page is meant to familiarize slot players with the Ace of Spades logo that not only symbolizes the Wild but is also a 2X regular winnings multiplier if it appears alone and a 4X regular winnings multiplier when two logos appear.

Players click the white “Continue” icon in the homepage to proceed to the user interface, where they first adjust the coin value and 1/2/3 coins then prompt it to start spinning. Ace of Spades has a $0.50 minimum bet, which is equivalent to using the lowest coin value and the first of the three coins. The maximum bet in Ace of Spades is $15.00, which is equal to applying the highest coin value and the third of the three coins. The Ace of Spades coin values are $0.50, $1.00, and $5.00 only.

Read about the Ace of Spades payouts for the one coin, two coins, and three coins, respectively. One clover leaf pays 2, 4, and 6. Two clover leaves pay 5, 10, and 15. A combination of J, Q, and K offers 5, 10, and 15; one advantage about this payout is that the combination format should not strictly comprise of unique letters, so there are numerous possible combinations like JQJ, KQJ, JJQ, KKJ and QQJ (in short, any combination with any of the three letters on the pay line wins).

Three clovers offer 10, 20, and 30. Also, three Js give 10, 20, and 30. Three Qs pay 25, 50, and 75. Three Ks have 40, 80, and 120. Three crowns offer 80, 160, and 240. Three spades offer 800 and 1600 for one coin and two coins, respectively; if the slot player is using three coins and, by good luck, three Spades show up on the pay line, then that player wins Ace of Spades’ highest regular payout amounting to 2500.

Play’n GO opines that Ace of Spades’ maximum win exposure amounts to 10000. Three spades on the pay line are exempted from the multiplier. The Ace of Spades’ interface, sound effects, and graphics are classic.

Luck in Ace of Spade
The return to player rate in Ace of Spades, a game of luck, is 95.94% while the house edge in this game is 4.06%.

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