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Triple Magic Slot

Microgaming Software Systems outdoes itself when it comes to developing simple slot games with an old school touch. Add the presence on an online platform to the mix and the result is a progressively-packaged old school game. This description befits Triple Magic, a classic-themed Internet casino game developed by Microgaming.

Triple Magic, which was originally released in June 2003, is among the four Triple-branded casino games from the developer; the other three are Triple Action Hold’em (March 2010), Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker (March 2009), and a progressive blackjack game named Triple Sevens (February 2002). The game’s name “Triple Magic” refers to number three, which is widely considered a magic or lucky number. Triple Magic players win if the symbols appear in pairs or in a triad on the single pay line, but a particular lone symbol on the line can also trigger a payout.

How to Bewitch the Triple Magic Game
The reels and rows in Triple Magic are set in a 3X2 grid. The following are the four types of symbols in Triple Magic. First, there is a bunch (three berries) of red cherries. Second, there are “BAR” symbols, ranging from single “BAR” to double “BAR” to triple “BAR”. Third, there is “7”. Lastly, there is a blue starry symbol that is both the wild and an up to 9X multiplier.

To play Triple Magic, players first set the game rounds to use either the first coin or the second coin by clicking either the respective part on the payout chart or the “Bet One” button. Secondly, they set the bet size using the +/- signs to the left of “Bet One”. Afterwards, they click the “Spin” icon on the bottom right. The minimum bet in Triple Magic is $0.25 (on first coin) while the maximum bet is $10.00 (on second coin). Other bet sizes are $0.50, $1.00, and $2.00, which are doubled if the second coin is active.

These are the payouts found in Triple Magic for the first coin and second coin, respectively. Any lone bunch of red cherries on a pay line offers X2 and X4. A set of three different “BAR” offers X3 and X6. Paired bunches of red cherries offer X5 and X10. A set of three single “BAR” offers X10 and X20. Three bunches of red cherries give X20 and X40. Three double “BAR” offers X25 and X50. A set of three triple “BAR” offers X50 and X100. A “777” set offers X100 and X200. Three blue stars offer X800 and X1600. One blue star wild, which can substitute for any symbol, triples the winning combinations, while two wilds on any combination becomes a 9X multiplier.

Triple Magic has an attractive user interface whose simple regular mode is apt for average players while the slightly advanced expert mode lets relatively experienced players to experiment with precise autoplay settings. There is nothing unique about the slot machine sound effect and the winning sound. However, Triple Magic has factual graphics, particularly the magician’s paraphernalia that includes a magic wand, a stovepipe hat, and bolts of lightning that depicts figurative illusion.

All about Luck
The return to player rate of Triple Magic, a game of luck, is 95.45%, while the house is 4.55%.

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