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Thyras Treasure

The August 2018 video slot Thyras Treasure’s developer Aurify Gaming; its publisher is Adoptit Publishing and its distributer is Leander Games. Formally called Nordic Queens: Thyras Treasure; its themes are card values, royalty, sea-faring Vikings, polar region, and Nordic culture.

Two symbols (Nordic queen and 9) require two-of-a-kind to five-of-a-kind in side-by-side reels. Ten symbols (Viking, lamp, longhouse, longship, A, K, Q, J, 10, and amulet) require three-of-a-kind to five-of-a-kind.

Thyras Treasure Game Characteristics

Thyras Treasure has two self-multiplying wild win multipliers, three bet multipliers, 1024 rightward winning lines, thirteen symbols, free games, four sets of extra free games, from $0.02 to $7500.00 regular payouts, and thirteen total bets.

Thyras Treasure has a fancy, translucent blue 5X3 grid; the gem-embedded grid is on a polar mountain. Thyras Treasure’s total bets: $0.30 (minimum bet), $0.60, $0.90, $1.20, $1.50, $3.00, $7.50, $15.00, $30.00, $60.00, $90.00, $120.00, and $150.00 (maximum bet).

Thyras Treasure has two special and eleven ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the substitute is a runic red-circled orange-and-off white “wild” tablet that is exclusive to the inner reels; and the scatter is an intricate golden-and-blue cross-shaped “bonus” Viking amulet (only bidirectional pay line).

Ordinary symbols: pigtailed blonde Nordic queen in a white cloak; wild-haired Viking warrior in brown; vintage brown Viking lamp; snow-covered longhouse; Viking longship sailing under a dotted purple-and-orange flag; diamond-embedded purple A; crown-embedded golden K and Q; red-plumed white helmet-embedded blue J; red 10; and green 9.

The Thyras Treasure’s payouts not standardized; here are the mostly recurring calculated odds.
Two 9 pay X0.066, three 9 pay X0.166, four 9 pay X0.333, and five 9 pay X3.333.
Two queens pay X0.166, three queens pay X1.666, four queens pay X3.333, and five queens pay X8.333.
Three Vikings pay X1.666, four Vikings pay X2.50, and five Vikings pay X3.00.
Three lamps or longhouses pay X0.833, four lamps or longhouses pay X1.666, and five lamps or longhouses pay X4.166.
Three ships or A pay X0.333, four ships or A pay X0.833, and five ships or A pay X3.333.
Three K or Q pay X0.166, four K or Q pay X0.50, and five K or Q pay X3.333.
Three J or 10 pay X0.166, four J or 10 pay X0.333, and five J or 10 pay X3.333.
Three “bonus” amulets pay X5, four amulets pay X30, and five amulets pay X50.

Thyras Treasure can draw—in winning or non-winning rounds—randomized win multipliers “X2” or “X3” on the wild tablets, where they self-multiply if they appear concurrently; up to three multipliers can be drawn per round, including three self-multiplying 3X multipliers yielding a 27X multiplier.

Three amulets offer 10 free games, four amulets offer 15 free games, and five amulets offer 20 free games; two redrawn amulets offer +2 free games. During the free games: two amulets offer +2 free games; three amulets offer X5 bet and +10 free games; four amulets offer X10 bet multiplier and +15 free games; and five amulets offer X50 bet multiplier and +20 free games. The X8530 win is a theoretical $1279500.00 non-progressive jackpot.

The Thyras Treasure software: HTML5 technology, possible IP address-sensitivity, mobile/desktop versions, and optional splash screen. Auto spins: 5/10/25/50/100, with any win/loss limits or exceeding the preset bet. Sounds: ambient Nordic music instrumental; and jingling, ringing, clanging, jangling, and clicking effects. The animated 3D graphics: impaling, glistening, glowing, flipping, dolly zooming, and glitter effect.

Luck in Thyras Treasure

A game of luck, Thyras Treasure’s RTP rate is 96.00%; the its house edge is 4.00%.

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