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Tap House

Launched by developer Arcadem on January 6, 2021; Tap House is a video slot adaptation of a historical British-style tavern whose notable patrons were the symbolized highwaymen—the horse-riding hijackers in the mid-1600s to 1800s England.


Developer Arcadem released Starfang on December 3, 2020. This video slot’s basis is an Arthurian legend, featuring the ill-fated Knight Aedan who is battling Morrigan the fiery-breathing wicked dragon to save the alleged Camelot castle—inhabited by King Arthur. “Starfang” is … Continue reading

Neon Nights

The neon signage has a colorful effect on Neon Nights, a video slot launched on April 27, 2021, by its developer Arcadem. Themes: retro symbolism, Japanese culture, and American-style street lighting.

Merlin and the Philosopher’s Stone

Launched on January 25, 2021 by Arcadem; the video slot Merlin and the Philosopher’s Stone is about Merlin, the supposed wizard whose has a wartime advisory role in the Arthurian legends involving the medieval England King Arthur. Starfang (Arcadem; December … Continue reading

The Hatter’s Mad Tea Party

Games developer Arcadem released The Hatter’s Mad Tea Party on June 22, 2021. This video slot is adapted from a chapter in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (by author Lewis Carroll; originally dated 1865).

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