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Wheel of Wishes

Developed by Alchemy Gaming, Wheel of Wishes is a fantastic video slot launched on February 11, 2020. Distributed by SlotCatalog and powered by Microgaming; Wheel of Wishes is the first game in the two-game “Wishes” series whose second game is 10000 Wishes (May 2021).

The literary Arabian Nights is the basis for Wheel of Wishes whose themes include treasure, magic, playing card suits, charm, and picker wheel. Wheel of Wishes’ symbols—apart from the scatter; requiring 2+ combinations—need three, or four, or five combinations.

Wheel of Wishes Game Characteristics

Wheel of Wishes’ notable characteristics: enlarging and disintegrating symbols, stacked quatrefoils, and bonus game’s four progressive jackpots. Its 10 winning ways pay left-to-right, except for the two-way paying scatter. The loading page’s “click to continue” prompt redirects to the Wheel of Wishes’ silver 5X3 grid—with brown floral elbow joints—that is set on interlocking dunes in the Arabian Desert.

Wheel of Wishes has two sets of total bets: quick bets and advanced bets—totaling 31 bet sizes. The quick bet’s nine total bets (buttons): $0.20 (minimum bet), $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $2.50, $5.00. $10.00, $15.00, and $20.00 (maximum bet).

The advanced icon’s 22 total bets (+/-): $0.10 (minimum bet), $0.20, $0.30, $0.40, $0.50, $0.60, $0.80, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $6.00, $7.50, $8.00, $10.00, $12.50, $15.00, $20.00, and $25.00 (maximum bet).

Wheel of Wishes has twelve symbols: two special and ten ordinary symbols. Special symbols: the jackpot-triggering scatter is a golden-framed random color picker wheel with green, blue, red and golden segments; and the substitute is a golden-framed purple-and-periwinkle “wild” quatrefoil.

Ordinary symbols: Aladdin’s lamp; treasure box; emerald-embedded, gold-padded brown spell book; blue-and-golden magic potion; silver amulet; red spades suit; orange hearts suit; green diamonds suit; blue clubs suit; and purple circle.

Wheel of Wishes has self-adjusting payouts. Three picker wheels pays X5, four wheels pays X50, and five wheels pays X500. Three “wild” quatrefoils pay X4, four quatrefoils pay X8, and five quatrefoils pay X50. Three lamps pay X3, four lamps pay X5, and five lamps pay X10.

Three treasure boxes pay X2.50, four boxes pay X4, and five boxes pay X7.50. Three spell books pay X2, four books pay X3.50, and five books pay X5. Three magic potions pay X1.80, four magic potions pay X3, and five magic potions pay X4.50.

Three amulets pay X1.50, four amulets pay X2.50, and five amulets pay X4. Three spade suits pay X1.20, four spades pay X2.50, and five spades pay X3.50. Three hearts suits pay X1, four hearts pay X2, and five hearts pay X3.

Three diamonds suits pay X0.80, four diamonds pay X1.50, and five diamonds pay X3. Three clubs pay X0.50, four clubs pay X1, and five clubs pay X2.50. Three circles pay X0.50, four circles pay X1, and five circles pay X2.

2+ color picker wheels prompt the “power spin” side game whose first round enlarges (3X3) a random symbol before disintegrating it into tiny similar symbols, thus offering massive winnings. In the power spin’s second round set in the Arabian thieves’ treasure-filled cave, the color picker wheel spins before its pointer pinpoints a winning jackpot’s segment among: ten blue “mini” segments, six green “minor” segments, three “major” segment, and one golden “wowpot” segment.

Costing 10X the regular total bet, the buyable “power mode” boosts the probability of winning these progressive jackpots (counters above): $10.00 minimum “mini” jackpot; $100.00 minimum “minor” jackpot; $50000.00 minimum “major” jackpot; and $2000000.00 minimum “wowpot!” jackpot.

The IP address-sensitive Wheel of Wishes’ features: quick spin; 10X, 25X, 50X, and 100X auto spin options. Background music: tense Arabic instrumental music and the Forty Thieves’ clopping horses. Sound effects: jingling and whirring. The animated 3D graphics: glowing, falling precious metals, glitter effect, spinning picker wheels, and billowing magic mist.

Luck in Wheel of Wishes

Wheel of Wishes is a game of luck, with two RTP rates: typically, there are a 93.34% RTP rate and a 6.66% house edge; however, the power mode has a 92.24% RTP rate and a 7.76% house edge.

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