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90k Yeti Gigablox

The video slot 90k Yeti Gigablox’s a developer 4ThePlayer has based it on Yggdrasil’s Gigablox gaming console that, alongside its featured ape and X90000 multiplier, inspired its title. Supplier: Gati. Exclusive release: October 2021. Mass market release: November 1, 2021.

An advanced offshoot of 9K Yeti (November 2019); 90k Yeti Gigablox features a mountaineering Caucasian couple and a native guide on a Mount Everest climbing tour, where they witness the alleged feature-summoning ape Yeti. Themes: climbing gear, myth, and mountain climbing.

90k Yeti Gigablox Game Characteristics

90k Yeti Gigablox’s special features: three sets of expanding buyable reels; realigning symbols; three buyable sets of (extra) free spins; X90000 win; and up to 46, 656 fixed, left-to-right and dynamic pay lines.

Starting 90k Yeti Gigablox loads its crystalized cyan 6X6 grid, which has jagged icy edges and is set beside the folkloric Yeti atop the Mount Everest peak in the glacial mountain range Himalayas. 90k Yeti Gigablox’s fifteen bet sizes: $0.10 (minimum), $0.20, $0.30, $0.40, $0.50, $0.70, $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, $7.00, $10.00 (maximum bet).

The three special symbols: the scatter is a set of Yeti’s “free spins” footprints on a lump of snow; the gigantic grid-summoning Yeti’s fanged and white-haired head; and the substitute is a gold-framed and sunlit “wild” peak.

These are the ordinary symbols: sunglass-wearing male mountaineer in blue and blue; female mountaineer in white and orange; native guide; purple-and-orange tent; yellow-and-brown ice ax; teal climbing rope; magenta A; violet K; turquoise Q; green J; and cyan 10.

90k Yeti Gigablox pays as follows. Two yetis pay X0.5, three yetis pay X1, four yetis pay X2, five yetis pay X3 and six yetis pay X4.8. Three male/female mountaineers pay X0.7, four mountaineers/guides pay X1, five mountaineers/guides pay X1.5, and six mountaineers/guides pay X2. Three native guides pay X0.6, four tents pay X0.8, five tents pay X1.2, and six tents pay X1.5.

Three tents pay X0.5, four tents pay X0.6, five tents pay X1, and six tents pay X1.2. Three ice axes/climbing ropes pay X0.4, four ice axes/climbing ropes pay X0.5, five ice axes/climbing ropes pay X0.8, and six ice axes/climbing ropes pay X1. Three A pay X0.2, four A pay X0.4, five A pay X0.6, and six A pay X0.8. Three K/Q pay X0.2, four K/Q pay X0.3, five K/Q pay X0.4, and six K/Q pay X0.5. Three J/10 pay X0.1, four J/10 pay X0.2, five J/10 pay X0.3, and six J/10 pay X0.4.

5+ “free spins” footprints offer free spins, with an additional free game for every other pair of footprints. Free games prompt at least a snowstorm, where non-winning reels may be swapped by Yeti to form winning combinations. Yeti may also destroy the larger 2X2, 3X3 symbols to form smaller paying combinations. The random Gigablox feature has expanding reels, where more than two reels may join to form a bigger 4X4 reel, 5X5 reel, or 6X6 reel.

The red “buy feature” at bottom right lets the players to buy the special features. The expanding reels costs X150 the bet per spin. Five, ten, and 20 free games cost X60, X120, and X240 the bet per spin, respectively. 90k Yeti Gigablox’s X90000 bet multiplier and $10.00 max bet result in the $900000.00 non-progressive jackpot.

The extremely volatile HTML5 game 90k Yeti Gigablox has: mobile/desktop versions; and 10/25/50/75/100/250/500/750/1000/endless autoplay games, with X5/X10/X20/X50/limitless loss limit or X10, X20, X50, X100/limitless single win limits.

The ambient oriental music is interspersed with jingling and whistling wind. Sound effects: howling Yeti, rattling, scrunchy snow, and clinking crystals.

The animated 3D graphics: dolly zooming and snowy symbols; the hat-wearing and furious Yeti swapping reels; snowfall; gushing diamonds and golden coins; flashing Northern lights; shaking banners; swaying and glaring Yeti; snowstorm; and misty snow.

Luck in 90k Yeti Gigablox

A game of chance, 90k Yeti Gigablox’s RTP rate is 95.50%. House edge: 4.50%.

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