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Scratch Card Terminology

Scratch cards also known as scratch tickets, scratchies or scratch offs have extensively grown to become a popular sport in different parts of the world. This is a game where the participant is expected to scratch off a layer of paint, plastic or latex to reveal the hidden information under a given panel. The player is then supposed to confirm if the secret code pattern matches that of the winning combination to see whether or not he/she is the lucky champ.

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Since Scratch cards are increasingly gaining ground among many gaming enthusiasts, a better understanding of the scratch card lingo before play is the much needed extra plus to help you select the games wisely to increase the probability of winning. But before we get to these terms, the one thing that every player must always keep in mind while playing the cards is that the game play is essentially meant to be entertaining rather than a process of cashing all your hopes of winning; it’s a fun game, not an investment.

Printed scratch tickets: When a promoter commissions a particular printing company to print certain number of physical tickets with scratch-to-reveal segments to be used in a lottery, the resultant ticket is known as a printed scratch card. These are small pieces of paper in form of tickets having a portion concealed with a very thin layer of plastic or latex, which is scratched to disclose the secret information.

Online scratch tickets: These are the digital editions of the traditional lottery scratch offs. A notable difference is the fact that the online version is played by clicking on selected areas when revealing the hidden information to determine the prize value.

Web-based online scratch cards: Web-based scratchies are the most common forms of online scratch cards. The concept here is that the users may play directly on the website without having to load any application to the remote computer. The web-based games are displayed in the browser plugin Flash, which requires browser support for the plugin.

Download-based online scratch cards: Gamers using this type of platform are required to first download an application to play. Once they are done with the installation, the software connects to the online scratch card provider without the need of browser support.

Scratch panel: This is the designated area located on the scratch ticket coated with a material – usually latex, that can be scratched off to disclose the information underneath. It is the most crucial part of the scratch card.

Scratch: The action of unveiling the scratch panel is referred to as “scratch”. In online gaming version of the scratch offs, scratch is either done by using the keyboard, mouse movement, and in some cases it is automatically triggered.

Scratch Card Odds: The usual practice in most card promotions is that most of the tickets will have the odds of winning printed on the card. This detail is to provide the player with the chances of winning the play. Scratch card odds are typically the ratio of the amount of winning cards from the total number of printed tickets characterized by 1/x, “one in x”, or x%, where x represents a fixed number.

Paytable: Each scratch off contains a set of winning combinations related to the payouts. There are promotions that require the player to have specific multipliers as awards (mostly online scratchies). For lotteries where a participant has to reveal certain pattern of codes to qualify for an award, the paytable is studied to determine a win.

Wager: Also known as buy-in, chips, ticket price or ticket cost, a wager represents the actual price of the card. In an online scratch card game, the chips can be obtained by clicking on different sets of prices; but the printed version mostly has a single fixed price.

Max: Max is an option available in particular scratchies for players who prefer not to deal out specific amounts of chips but to place a “Max-imum” bet.

Jackpot: This is the grand price usually offered on specific winning combinations and is limited only to a small portion of the participants. Given that you now possess the much needed knowledge to begin scratching, it is now time to experience the simple yet amusing game of scratch cards, be it online or offline.

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