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Alfredo is a hotel kitchen-themed online casino game from Neogames, a Gothenburg-based casino software provider. Alfredo, which is listed as a scratch card game, was originally released in 2009 or thereabouts. However, the then versions catered for different platforms, such as desktops, other than mobile. Fortunately, Neogames availed it to mobile platforms in December 2012.

Alfredo has some semblance to Chef Alfredo game from Queen Games. Incidentally, the name of this game not only denotes the chief chef and proprietor of the featured restaurant, but also refers to the name of the high-end facility. Basically, Alfredo players aim at matching symbols (dishes) in the shown ovens.

Alfredo: Game Review
Alfredo has three numbered ovens, in which the dishes are located and can be seen through the oven glass doors. There are oven number one, oven number two, and oven number three. These ovens have contrasting colours and, depending on the version of Alfredo, may be yellow-coloured, light blue-coloured, and olive-coloured. Playing Alfredo involves setting the bet, selecting the preferred ovens, and then clicking on the “Play” button. The “Bet” icon is situated at the bottom left side; pressing that icon repeatedly functions like the “+” and ”—“ buttons that are found in some Alfredo versions. To select or deselect the ovens, the player taps on any of them. The “Play” icon is at the centre bottom. Clicking the “Max Bet” button—or “Play Max” in some versions—lets you stake the allowable maximum bet at one go.

The bet sizes in Alfredo casino game are from $0.25 to $20, including $1, $2, $5, and $10. Alfredo has an “Autoplay” feature that can support between 1 and up to 300 automated Alfredo game rounds, particularly for desktop platforms. However, players using mobile platforms can only play between 10 and 100 automated rounds, including X25 and X50. What’s more, the “Autoplay” feature of Alfredo online game can be set to stop under various circumstances, such as when the bettor has lost a specific amount of funds, or when a single win has reached a particular amount.

The maximum amount of payouts that Alfredo pays depends with the bet size and number of ovens chosen; for instance, betting $0.25 offers a maximum of $2,500, whereas betting $20 pays a maximum of $200,000. The total bets means the bet size times the quantity of ovens chosen. The payouts, which are indicated as prize multipliers in the pay table, range from X1 up to X10,000, including X2, X4, X5, X10, X20, X50, X100, X200, and X1000.

The chef and those ovens are seemingly graspable, thanks to cool 3D graphics. Alfredo, a moustached chef, is a lively character. The most notable aspect about chef Alfredo is his gesticulations, where his body language includes a hand placed on his hip and fingermouthing. The ultra-modern one-wall virtual kitchen has kitchenware and shelves holding jars that contain condiments. The ovens have chimney hoods. Alfredo is fitted with several extra features, including sound (good) settings that players can turn off or on, quick deposit, pause, user guide, access to game history, and a live chat interface.

Alfredo: Strategy
In terms of RTP, Alfredo has 93.50%. Attempting to strategize so as to get an upper hand while playing Alfredo is useless because NeoGames acknowledges the fact that the Interactive System pre-determines the results.

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