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Where To Play Roulette Tournaments Online

If you are a keen roulette players, or even if you are simply a casual roulette player looking for something different, you may have heard of online roulette tournaments. Casino tournaments have been on the rise in the past few years as online casinos have been trying to find new ways to entice new players and get old players interested in games that may have become stale. Roulette is one of those – the basic game of roulette has been the same for centuries now, and adding a tournament concept to it puts a new spin that attracts new and old players alike.

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With the rise in roulette tournaments, more casinos are now offering them, and you can enquire at your local live casino to find out if they offer them, or check on their website. As far as online casinos go, while roulette tournaments are not in ever casino, the number of casinos offering them seems to increase every month. One of the main operators of online roulette tournaments is Bet 365 Casino – there tends to be at least one weekly roulette tournament there, and, like everything, if the demand is there, it will likely increase. There are different variations on the concept, with some casinos having them as stand alone tournaments, while others treat them as a competition against every other player playing the tables during a certain time period. Decide what suits you best before you sign up to play.

Bet 365’s roulette tournament is a mobile tournament, so you can play it on the move on your mobile device. Due to the nature of roulette tournaments, and the fact that you can end up playing for some time to try and rack up the best score, being able to play on the go is a great added feature for any roulette tournament player. At the moment, the top 25 players on the Bet 365 leaderboard of their roulette tournament gets a payout from the $1,000 prize pool. This is not a traditional roulette tournament, as it factors in how much you wager and allocates you points based on that. Of course, the more you win, the more you are likely to be wagering, so the principle is the same, but it is a way of generating turnover for the casino as well as giving you the chance to make some money on top of anything you might win in that roulette session. Right now, it is only offered to mobile players, but your regular account can be used on the mobile service.

Paddy Power Casino has a variation on the roulette tournament in which you compete against everyone playing any table game or card game. For every $1 that you wager between Tuesday and midnight on Thursday, you earn points, and then you must compete against every other player. So, while it is not like the traditional roulette tournament, if you play at roulette and do well, then continue to wager that money on the roulette table, you have every chance of creeping up the leaderboard, giving you the chance to win a substantial free bet.

Casino Club is another online casino that offers roulette tournaments, and the great thing about their tournaments is that they have different levels of buy-ins for different bankroll sizes. And, unlike Paddy Power, Casino Club run their tournaments in the traditional format, with a buy-in, and then the player that racks up the biggest profit in the one-hour time frame takes first place. If there is a roulette tournament for the purists, this one would be it.

So there is definitely some variety out there if you are looking for an online roulette tournament, with different rules and variations on offer. It is also worthwhile e-mailing your favorite casino’s customer service department and enquire about them running a roulette tournament if they currently do not offer one. Online casinos are more than willing to take on ideas from players, and will try to cater and requests, as they will want to do anything to get you playing with them. They know if they do not offer what the players want, they can go elsewhere to find it, so try them, the worst that can happen is that they say no.

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