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Hot Streak Roulette

“Hot streak” refers to consecutive winnings in casino lingo. Contextually, Hot Streak Roulette players can experience a winning streak, wherein back-to-back matches activate a generous multiplier with payouts that increase progressively from X2 to X25000; i.e., after betting on sets of numbers, subsequent spins can ably bring about recurring matches, thanks to the side game called Hot Streak Bonus bet.

Hot Streak Roulette, sometimes called Hot Streak Bonus Roulette, is an Internet casino game from IGT, a London-based games developer; it is filed under IGT table games. Players will only win if spinning the wheel gets the roulette ball get into a wagered spot.

Hot Streak Roulette: Game Review
Hot Streak Roulette has semblance with the European Roulette, which it is modelled on. There are 36 numbered pockets in the betting grid and similarly numbered pockets in the roulette wheel. Also, Hot Streak Roulette contains a “0” pocket.

The normal roulette playing procedure works in Hot Streak Roulette too. To play the main game, players use the mouse for wagering in the area written “place bets here” for either standalone bets, or the sets of six black and red numbers (those that have dots within rounded rectangles, and are in the 1-6, 7-12…31-36 sequence) in case of the bonus bet.

The mouse pinpoints the appropriate betting chip, hovers over and clicks on the spot to be bet on, and then is used to press the “Spin” icon. Shortly afterwards, the spinning ball stops beside a particular numbered pocket, which decides any winnings.

Hot Streak Roulette has five types of betting chips, which are $1, $5, $25, $100, and $500. Each of the three major types of bets in Hot Streak Roulette—Inside, Outside, and Hot Streak Bonus Bets—has its own maximum bet; however, the table bet minimum is $1, whereas the table bet maximum is $1000. The maximum bets for the inside bets are $50, $100, $150, $200 and $300 for Straight, Split, Trio, Corner, and Six-Number, respectively.

The maximum bets for outside bets are $600 for both Dozens and Columns, whereas Even/Odd, High/Low and Black/Red require $900. Recurring outcomes for bets on any of the six batches–like, let’s say, the 1-6 set coming up repeatedly–are identified as 1st match, 2nd match, 3rd match, 4th match, 5th match and 6th match; Hot Streak Bonus bet requires $10 maximum bet.

The payouts for Inside Bets are 35:1, 17:1, 11:1, 8:1, and 5:1 for Straight, Split, Trio, Corner, and Six-Number, respectively. Outside Bets offer 2:1 for both Dozens and Column, while the rest offer 1:1. Hot Streak Bonus bet has a jackpot that increases progressively; its payouts are directly proportional to the amount of matches, and the more the matches recur after a subsequent spin the more the payout.

Payouts for the matches like, for example, the 1-6 set, are: X2 for the 1st recurring match, X12 for the 2nd recurring match, X100 for the 3rd recurring match, X250 for the 4th recurring match, X1000 for the 5th recurring match, and X25000 if there is yet another match of 1-6 set for the sixth time.

Hot Streak Roulette might have good graphics and sounds, but it locks out users of mobile gadgets.

Hot Streak Roulette: Strategy
A game of chance, Hot Streak Roulette’s RTP rate and house edge are 98.65% and 1.35%, respectively.

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