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Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette, which exists in numerous models, is a browser game offered by various gaming software developers. These developers include NextGen Gaming, Felt Gaming—it released its model around 2016— and Evolution Gaming whose slightly modified model was launched in May 2016.

However, the first sighting of Double Ball Roulette can be traced to Nevada, where Games Marketing, its designer, showcased it during a gaming convention in September 2013. The Las Vegas Strip casino operators, notably Tropicana Las Vegas, have been offering it since 2014.

Double Ball Roulette models are fitted with a “0” such as Felt Gaming’s model or “00” such as the model played in Binion’s Casino. Players second-guess the balls’ next stopover (the two balls ending up in either one or two different positions) so as to qualify for the respective payouts.

Double Ball Roulette: Game Review
Numbers (1 to 36), colours (red and black), and integers (odd and even integers) symbolize the types of bets in Double Ball Roulette. This is the systematic procedure associated with playing Double Ball Roulette, particularly Felt Gaming’s version in a mobile device.

Double Ball Roulette players are first prompted to swipe up, which maximizes the screen; the game loads. Another prompt lets them disable or enable the sound. Pressing “Play” prepares a game round, wherein a virtual wheel materializes then a betting table appears below it; they select betting chips and place the necessary bets. Third, they press “Wheel”.

Fourth, a close-up image of a roulette wheel—and a neighbours table beside it—appears, after which players press “Spin”. “Rebet” or “2x Rebet” icons are quick actions for repeating without necessarily changing the previously placed bets; otherwise, players press “new game” to start a fresh round.

The wheel starts rotating. The balls start shooting then stop shooting, prompting two splash screens to show the properties of the pinpointed numbers. A female speaker also reads out the winning values. Any payout is disbursed accordingly. Players can see a replay of the just ended game round.

The minimum bet is $0.10 for both the Roulette Bet and the Double Ball Bets categories. However, in the Roulette Bet, the maximum for inside bets and outside bets are $50 and $1,000, respectively.

Double Bet Roulette players cannot bet over $10 for any specific number, whereas the maximum bet on the jackpot is $1. The colourful betting chips in Double Ball Roulette are valued from $0.10 to $1K, including $0.50, $1, $5, $10, $50, $100, and $500.

The payout is from 1:1 for betting on the colours up to 1200:1 for the non-progressive jackpot (given for predicting the two shooting balls will finally stop in a specific number, though its probability is 1/38th).

Other payouts for its outside bets include: 35:1 for hitting one number with two balls; 8:1 for staking on either any batch of 12 numbers or a horizontal column; and 3:1 for high/low, odd/even, and same colour bet. Payouts for inside bets also include: 17:1 for Straight Up bet; 8:1 for Split; 5:1 for Line bet; 3:1 for Corner bet; and 2:1 for double street bet.

The playing history, bank balance, bonus, and the staked and paid amounts are easily viewed. The resettable multi-option interface and wonderful graphics of Double Ball Roulette proves the developers prioritized the players’ diverse tastes.

Double Ball Roulette: Strategy
Double Ball Roulette’s RTP rate is 97.3% and the house edge about 2.70%. Inside bets (winning requires at least one ball), especially on single numbers (avoid double numbers that increase the house edge) are better than the outside bets that require both balls.

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