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3D Roulette

3D Roulette is an online casino game from the Isle of Man-based betting software developer called Playtech plc. 3D Roulette, which is an upgraded version of the 2D roulette, is inspired by the traditional roulette, particularly the European roulette.

3D Roulette is among the numerous offshoots of roulette, including 101 roulette, dragon jackpot roulette, and roulette deluxe. Although 3D Roulette is notably a product of Playtech plc, there are equivalent developments from rival developers such as the common draw roulette from Betsoft.

The roulette wheel, whether merely virtual or tangible, is the most common similarity across all variations of roulette games. However, the most notable aspect that sets 3D Roulette from the other traditional variations is its three-dimensional aspect, which inspired its name. In terms of roulette type, 3D Roulette is classified as European. Basically, 3D Roulette has a virtual roulette wheel, wherein bettors aim at predicting the possible results of the ultimate resting place of the ball.

Game Review
Numbers are the types of symbols used in the 3D Roulette. Just like in the traditional European roulette, there are 37 numbers— they are marked as either black or red, save for the figure zero, which is mostly green-coloured—that players choose from. In order to play 3D roulette, players first press the “Spin” icon; the players are then prompted to place their stakes, which entails pressing their desired betting chips. To deselect the chips, 3D Roulette players must press the shift icon on their devices prior to pressing the undesired betting chip.

These chips are valued at 0.1 (there are even 0.01 bets for some operators) to 100, including 0.5, 1, 5, and 25. Secondly, the 3D Roulette players press, say, a number (called a numbered bet), which they want to stake on. Players can also bet on a black or red chamber (called color bet), odd/even bet, high/low bets (either for the first group of eighteen numbers or for the second group of eighteen numbers), and suchlike side bets.

In the 3D Roulette, the minimum and maximum bets are $1 and $20, respectively, whereas the table limit can be as much as $5000 for specific online casino operators.

The fact that there is a 2D roulette game is an indicator that the 3D Roulette one is even more superb that the latter, ranging from the customizable visuals to the audio aid. 3D Roulette lacks an auto play feature, but has a Repeat icon. The payouts in the 3D Roulette depend with the type of bet that the player has staked on. Even then, the pay table of the 3D Roulette is, for example, as low as 1:1 for colour bets, high/low bets, and even/odd bets, whereas the two highest bets (straight up and split bets) attract as much as 35:1 and 17:1, respectively.

On the flip side, what seems like a virtual roulette wheel is merely a relatable random number generator; accordingly, this makes the random number generator in 3D Roulette game very hard to defeat or trick, any strategy notwithstanding.

Game Strategy
The RTP rate of 3D Roulette, a game of chance, is 97.30%, whereas the house edge is about 2.70%. However, players might want to experiment with the Paroli and Martingale strategies–doubling stakes whenever they win and tripling stakes whenever they lose.

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